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Lingual orthodontics price

lingual orthodontic price

Adults looking for different treatment options to have a beautiful and unique smile design have undoubtedly heard lingual orthodontics. Lingual orthodontics is a branch of Invisalign orthodontics in which orthodontic appliances are placed behind teeth. Lingual orthodontics is a kind of invisible orthodontics, and this is highly popular among adult clients undergoing orthodontic treatments. However, there are many questions about the costs of lingual orthodontics.

The cost difference between lingual orthodontics and other types of orthodontics

Unfortunately, it is impossible to determine a fixed cost for lingual orthodontic treatments. The treatment type and duration and, consequently, its costs are determined by the patient’s conditions and the type of malocclusions. Orthodontists may also follow different pricing systems. Various factors may affect the cost of lingual orthodontics. However, patients should generally know that lingual orthodontics is more expensive than fixed orthodontics (using metal brackets). Undoubtedly, orthodontic treatment is a highly profitable investment that patients can observe its positive effects and benefits throughout their lives.

a person with mandibular teeth with lingual orthodontics

Reasons for expensiveness of lingual orthodontics

Here I explain some factors directly affecting lingual orthodontics’ cost, making it more expensive than other orthodontic treatments.

Type and extent of malocclusions or maxillofacial abnormalities

The treatment of more severe and extensive malocclusions or maxillofacial abnormalities requires more complicated lingual orthodontic treatments. Lingual orthodontics can easily treat crowded and malpositioned teeth, whereas more complicated treatments are required in cases where the patient also suffers from a maxillofacial abnormality. As a result, the orthodontist’s more time and precision should increase the cost of lingual orthodontics.

Gain the skills to install linguistic orthodontics

Dentistry students first become a general dentist after several years of training and must pass specialized orthodontic courses to work as orthodontists. The placement of brackets in lingual orthodontics requires high skill and expertise and cannot be achieved by all orthodontists. Lingual orthodontists learn special skills and knowledge and thus usually provide lingual orthodontic services at higher prices.

The role of materials and equipment on the price of linguistic orthodontics

Unlike most metal brackets placed on the buccal surface of teeth, lingual orthodontic brackets are usually produced by special and unique technologies and computer software to fit the patient’s teeth. Materials used to fabricate lingual brackets in the laboratory can significantly increase lingual orthodontics’ overall price. It can generally be concluded that lingual brackets are manufactured in a different and customized way to fit the patient’s teeth properly.

schematic lingual orthodontic

Reduced visits to the orthodontist for periodic checkups

Patients who use conventional orthodontic brackets usually have to visit their orthodontists in shorter intervals for routine checkups. It is interesting to note that if one uses lingual orthodontic appliances, he/she needs to visit the orthodontist less frequently. However, the duration of lingual orthodontics is more extended and takes from 18 to 36 months. All of these factors alone can affect the cost of lingual orthodontics.

Lingual orthodontics is worthy of its high cost

It should not be ignored that any treatment cost is commensurate with its possible advantages or disadvantages. Based on the patient’s conditions and demands, an orthodontist will propose the best treatment options to produce the most favorable therapeutic result and satisfy the patient.

Dr Abdolreza Jamilian Orthodontist

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Dr. Jamilian, an orthodontist, has a specialized fellowship in orthodontic surgery and maxillofacial abnormalities and is a professor in the orthodontics department of the Dentistry School of the Islamic Azad University. He is member of Iranian and European Board of Orthodontics (EBO) and is a member of the Iranian, American and European Orthodontists Association.

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