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Orthodontics is the first specialty of dentistry. Orthodontics deals with the correction of mal-positioned teeth and jaws discrepancies. Similar to other specialties of medicine, orthodontics requires the acquisition of enough expertise and knowledge. An orthodontics expert or an orthodontist acquires the necessary academic scientific abilities to treat maxillofacial malformations. A general dentist needs to study orthodontics for 3 or 4 years in a college after the six years of general dentistry to obtain the specialized orthodontic degree. A general dentist is admitted to a specialized orthodontics course after a very difficult and competitive entrance exam among several thousands of other general dentists.

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What is the difference between a general dentist and an orthodontist?

A general dentist, who has not passed the specialized orthodontics course, does not have the ability, knowledge, competence and experience required for the treatment of orthodontic patients. Although, a general dentist is capable of simple orthodontic treatments and preventive treatments with removable appliances. In other hand an orthodontist can treat complex deformities between jaws, which are mainly among permanent treatments.

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Who is an orthodontist with fellowship?

Medical and dental treatments are now very specialized. Therefore, numerous fellowship programs are founded in universities offering further expertize to orthodontists for acute conditions including maxillofacial syndromes. Surgery and maxillofacial malformation syndromes are one of such programs few of orthodontists can enter.

You can now compare the scientific value of a dentist with that of an orthodontist or an orthodontist with surgery and maxillofacial malformation syndrome fellowship.

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What is the necessity of choosing an experienced orthodontist?

We all know that an orthodontic treatment is a beneficial investment for the future since it gives you a beautiful and charming smile. Having an easy and reliable treatment is also so important for patients receiving orthodontic treatment because they have to keep the dental braces in their mouth for about 1.5 or 2 years. Inappropriate orthodontic planning and brace installation might injure the mouth tissues and even lead to break down the periodontal tissue and bones in some cases. In this case, the patient will need an emergency visit by his/her orthodontist. These events frequently cause stress to the patients and result in the bad consequences of treatment. Therefore, pay careful attention to choosing a good experienced orthodontist. Visit this page to see the characteristics of the best orthodontists.

What are the characteristics of an orthodontist with surgery fellowship?

Surgical orthodontic fellowship is a program that can be passed after the orthodontics course.  Since medical sciences are constantly evolving, some specialists pass fellowship programs to further their specialties. It is very important to pass the fellowship program in a reputable center. The surgical orthodontic fellowship of Dr. Jamilian is considered a positive point for a better treatment because many patients require orthognathic surgeries. The orthodontist’s skills to complete the treatment will be very much helpful. An orthodontist with surgical fellowship specializes in types of maxillofacial syndromes and malformations enabling him to make optimal decision for the treatment of patients.

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Orthodontists in Tehran

Some residents of Tehran are looking for orthodontists near their house or workplace. However, you should keep in mind that experience and up-to-date knowledge are the most important characteristics of an orthodontist. Regarding the busy schedule of citizens of Tehran and other Iranian cities, they prefer to find the nearest orthodontists without regard to their specialty and experience.

Although it is difficult to frequently visit an orthodontist far from you due to the heavy traffic and lack of time in Tehran, you should remember that visiting an experienced orthodontist is really important that ultimately leads to saving time and orthodontics cost because a skilled experienced orthodontist will give you your desirable result in a shorter period of time with less frequent visits. Therefore, a proper choice gives you peace of mind and the best result for the treatment of you or your child.

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Orthodontist FAQ

1-Why a Faculty Member Orthodontist Is a Better Choice?

A professional orthodontist who teaches in a university always keeps on acquiring and updating knowledge of both their students and themselves and being present in a dynamic scientific environment has the advantage of being exposed to the trending topics in orthodontics treatment and getting acquainted with the best treatment procedures.

2-What Treatments Do Orthodontists Perform?

  • Straightening and directing teeth in their appropriate and correct place
  • Straightened teeth for having a beautiful smile
  • Correcting dental and dentofacial relations
  • Regulating and correcting the dentofacial relations and facial bones
  • Correcting the dentofacial malocclusions

3-Do Orthodontists Extract Teeth for Orthodontics Treatment?

No teeth are extracted in orthodontics treatment, as much as possible. However, in some patients due to teeth overcrowding, one or more teeth should be extracted. In patients lacking enough space, orthodontist extracts a tooth that is decayed, filled, has a dental crown, or a tooth with gum problem and the space of the missing teeth will be fully closed at the end.

4-Do Orthodontists Treat All Types of Dentofacial Malocclusion?

An experienced and skilled orthodontist could diagnose the dentofacial malocclusion and complete the treatment using only orthodontics if possible. In case of need for surgery, the orthodontist refers the patients to a professional Dentofacial Surgeon.

5-Do Orthodontists only Provide Treatment for Children & Adolescents?

Orthodontists have no limit in examining patients. Because orthodontics treatment is not restricted to a specific group or age. The best age for carrying out orthodontics treatment is 8 years of age. In case of delay in seeking orthodontics treatment, the treatment course will be longer.

6-Can Dentists Perform Orthodontics Treatment?

If you wish to receive the specialized orthodontics treatment you should go to an orthodontist. After graduating from the Doctor of Dental Surgery program, the orthodontists participate in the Specialty program and acquire the required professional training in this field.

7-How Long Does Orthodontics Specialty Program Take?

The duration of the Doctor of Dental Surgery program is 6 years. Afterward, they participate in the orthodontics specialty exam. The orthodontics specialty program can be completed in 4 years. The orthodontists should pass the specialty board exam, then, they will be awarded the orthodontics specialty board.

8-The Orthodontist Holding Surgery Fellowship Vs. Other Orthodontist?

Considering the comprehensive nature of dentistry, the orthodontists are provided with the fellowship programs in a variety of fields for completing and updating their knowledge. An orthodontist holding a surgery fellowship possesses more knowledge and abilities for treating maxillofacial diseases and incurable syndromes. Some maxillofacial malocclusions need surgery and ortho-surgery besides orthodontics treatment. Thus, if your physician holds a surgery fellowship, they will propose a better and complete treatment plan for you.

9-Orthodontist Holding Specialty Board from Iran Vs. Orthodontist Holding Specialty from both Iran and Europe?

This orthodontist has passed European Specialty Board in addition to the Iranian Specialty Board and is more capable in treating patients.

10-Who Is the Best Orthodontist in Tehran?

The best orthodontist in Tehran and Iran is the person who passed the orthodontics specialty program with high scores besides holding a surgery fellowship. Jamilian DDS. holds the Iranian and European specialty board of orthodontics. He wrote 6 books in Persian and 4 books in English in the field of orthodontics with more than 100 articles in the accredited foreign journals. His is the only Iranian orthodontist whose name is mentioned in Wikipedia, He is the best orthodontist who registered 3 patents regarding orthodontics appliances in the U.S. and 3 patents in Iran. Dr. Jamilian presented various lectures in the Iranian congresses besides the European  Association of Orthodontists.

11-What Questions Should be Asked in order to Choose the Best Orthodontist?

Ask the orthodontist to provide comprehensive information regarding the orthodontics treatment plan, duration of the orthodontics treatment, and the apparatus and appliances they use. In addition, the cost of orthodontics must be proportionate to the quality of treatment carried out by the orthodontist. Conduct research regarding the years of practice, level of experience, and the previous works of the orthodontist, then, choose the best orthodontist.

12-How to Choose the Best Orthodontist during Covid-19 Pandemic?

During the Covid-19 outbreak, clinic hygiene is as important as the experience and skills of the best orthodontist. All staff together with the orthodontist must wear a mask, gloves, and special scrubs. Observing other health protocols such as frequently disinfecting every surface in the clinic is among the important factors. The orthodontist answers the patients’ questions online, which is among the valuable services provided for the patients by the best orthodontist during the Covid-19 outbreak.

13-Does the Best Orthodontist Charge Higher Fee for the Orthodontics Treatment?

The orthodontist who asks for a higher price for orthodontics treatment is not necessarily the best orthodontist. Therefore, the cost of orthodontics treatment is not a good factor to be considered in selecting the best orthodontist.

14-How Does the Best Orthodontist Answer the Patients’ Questions?

The best orthodontist answers the patients’ questions during the treatment in various ways. Providing regular responses to the patients’ questions by the orthodontist through phone, WhatsApp, Instagram, etc. can have a good impact on the process of treatment.

15-Can a Doctor of Dental Surgery Be the Best Orthodontist?

A doctor of dental surgery cannot perform orthodontics treatment. A doctor of dental surgery can obtain a specialty board of orthodontics after passing the orthodontics specialty program. Thus, the first criterion in choosing the best orthodontist is to hold a specialty board of orthodontics. Therefore, considering the experience, skill, etc. of the orthodontist is important in choosing the best orthodontist.

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About Dr Abdolreza Jamilian Orthodontist

Dr. Jamilian, an orthodontist, has a specialized fellowship in orthodontic surgery and maxillofacial abnormalities and is a full-time professor in the orthodontics department of the Dentistry School of the Islamic Azad University. He is member of Iranian and European Board of Orthodontics (EBO) and is a member of the Iranian, American and European Orthodontists Association.

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