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Orthodontics is commonly referred to as the first dentistry specialty. It corrects mal-positioned teeth and jaws. Similar to other medical specialists who enjoy high-level specialty and knowledge, orthodontists acquire the necessary academic knowledge and skills to diagnose, manage, and correct craniofacial and jaw deformities and abnormalities through university studies. Thus, to become an orthodontist, a general dentist needs to graduate from the General Doctor Course of Dentistry (GDCD), which takes six years, before completing a 4-year orthodontics specialty program. On top of that, to gain admission to the orthodontics program, a general dentist needs to compete with several thousand general dentists through a hard and competitive entrance examination.

General Dentist Vs. Orthodontist

A general dentist who did not pass the orthodontics specialty course has no capability, knowledge, information, quality, and experience necessary to treat orthodontic patients. However, general dentists are qualified to perform simple and/or preemptive treatments with removable orthodontic appliances, but more complicated and specialized orthodontic treatments, mostly classified as fixed treatments, should be conducted by orthodontists.

orthodontist showing teeth before and after orthodontic treatment

orthodontist showing teeth before and after orthodontic treatment

Who Is an Orthodontist with a Fellowship?

Today, both medical and dental treatments are highly specialized, so to provide their orthodontists with more qualifications for treating acute and incurable diseases and temporomandibular joint syndromes, we see that universities have designed and established many fellowship programs. One of these fellowship programs is oral and maxillofacial surgery and craniofacial syndrome fellowship. Very few orthodontists would be allowed to gain admission to the fellowship program.

The Necessity of Consultation with an Experienced Orthodontist

We know that the decision to use braces is a type of a beneficial investment for the future. This is for multiple reasons one of which is the treatment provides people with a bright and dazzling smile. Both the convenience and reliability of an orthodontic procedure are very important to patients, who have to bear and carry the braces in their mouths all day long for 1.5 to 2 years.

If the orthodontics procedure is not designed properly or the braces are placed in the mouth in an unstandardized manner, The oral tissue would be damaged or the gums would be cut. Thus leading to a so patients would need an emergency visit by their orthodontists. The occurrence of such problems during the treatment process makes patients stressed repeatedly, so they would be unable to pass the significant stage of their treatment safely. So, if you intend to make the investment, you have to pay special attention while choosing a skillful and experienced orthodontist.

Features of an Orthodontist with a Surgical Fellowship

A surgical orthodontic fellowship is a course held for those dentists who have completed their specialized orthodontics course. As different branches of medical sciences are changing continuously, some physicians participate in fellowship courses to hone their specialties. Passing the fellowship course in an authentic academic institute is vitally important. Dr. Jamilian has passed the fellowship course, so he has great experience and proficiency to treat different craniofacial disorders and abnormalities. Most patients who experience orthodontic treatments need Orthognathic surgery, simultaneously, so the orthodontist’s skill in this regard is very helpful and would complete the orthodontic treatment. An orthodontist with a surgical fellowship is familiar with different sorts of craniofacial syndromes and abnormalities in specialized manner and is able to make the best decision for any certain patient’s treatment.

orthodontist dr jamilian examining patient in his clinic

Orthodontist Dr. Jamilian examining a patient on the dental unit in his clinic

Orthodontists in Tehran City

Finding specialists and specialized dentists in the metropolises and crowded cities is a key problem for those patients who care for their own and their children’s health. Many patients feel that referring to the specialists is a logical and reliable way for finding the best treatment. However, so many specialists in such cities, going to specialists’ offices in different parts of a big city would bring about many problems for the patients including: imposing more costs, wasting time through intra-city transportations, etc. However, it is necessary to remind that aware and farsighted patients, who choose to find an outstanding specialist, have sound and cogent reasons for their decision.

Those who advocate referring to the specialists believe that certain diseases and abnormalities including the orthodontic abnormalities and syndromes should be treated fundamentally only once in a lifetime. Although, referring to a general dentists or specialist other than orthodontists may provide patients with an initial and superficial treatment with a shorter treatment time and less expenses, mostly they would be followed with more serious complications and consequences, which in turn would ultimately cause a waste of further time and more costs; as in some cases they would develop incurable problems and abnormalities for patients. Thus, when you seek for a good and skillful orthodontist in a city like Tehran, you need to consider the following criteria and parameters as your most important factors for making a decision: their specialty and experience, up-to-date knowledge, skill and proficiency in using the cutting edge medical techniques. Even for those patients who care particularly about saving both the time and costs they would had predicted for their orthodontic treatment, taking advantage of medical services of a an orthodontist with the mentioned capabilities and features would be followed by the best results in terms of saving orthodontic costs and achieving satisfaction.

The Best Orthodontist

Once finished the six-year General Doctor Course of Dentistry (GDCD), by participating in intense competitions with other dentists interested in the orthodontics specialty, the best dentists would then gain admission to the orthodontics program. There is no chance to learn everything about orthodontics and to gain full proficiency to conduct orthodontic treatments during the general dentistry courses. Participation in the usually three-year orthodontics specialization courses would let dentists to learn about various mobile and fixed orthodontic skills. Iranian Association of Orthodontists (IAO) recommends you:

For gaining orthodontic treatment services, you need to refer to an orthodontist. To make sure if your therapist is an orthodontist or a general dentist you can inquire on the Medical Council of the Islamic Republic of Iran’s website. By clicking the “Search Doctor” section in this website and then finding the “Orthodontists” option, you can find a list of active orthodontists in your city.

The following titles and descriptions which you may find in the dental clinics’ signs or logos, prescription forms, business cards and/or any form of advertising announcements do not verify the orthodontic specialty of a dentist. To introduce his/her specialty, a real orthodontist only would use the term “orthodontist” and they avoid using other terms such as dentist, orthodontics, specialist dentist, etc.

orthodontist dr jamilian with host in national tv program

The appearance of Dr. Jamilian, an orthodontic specialist, along with the presenter Dr. Nazari in the TV program

How Can We Choose the Best Orthodontist?

Finding the best orthodontist is vitally important. Orthodontics is an expensive treatment technique which would bring about many problems and complications, if it does not conduct correctly. Sometimes, small mistakes would cause recurrence of the former treated abnormalities or development of oral and dental diseases. So, it is highly recommended that for gaining orthodontic treatment services only refer to orthodontists and avoid meeting general or non-specialist dentists.

A brief look at the orthodontic treatments and orthodontists who are active in this field would equip us with certain criteria for defining the best exemplary orthodontists. Orthodontists play a key role in improving both the self-confidence and life quality of people through offering health and facial beauty services. There are different factors entangled with the features of the skillful and experienced orthodontists which would affect the patients’ satisfaction. Experience and proficiency of an orthodontist would be considered as the first priority for choosing a good orthodontist; as a good one may create the best experience for his/her visitors through using suitable equipment and providing an ideal environment. So, the following factors must be considered when you intend to choose an orthodontist:

1- Academic certificates, scientific background, educational activities and academic researches

Orthodontics is a new specialty in dentistry; hence, orthodontists need to be informed about the relevant state-of-the-art techniques and scientific information. Therefore, their scientific and academic background plays a key role in their proficiency and success in orthodontic treatment. As a result, both the academic and scientific background of an orthodontist needs to be considered particularly. Paying attention to the following items is important in this regard:

  •  Not only having an orthodontic academic certificate from a reputable university is important, but also having Iranian and international, especially European, specialized boards and fellowships are significant, as well. It indicates both the proficiency and capability of the orthodontist in question.
  •  European Board of Orthodontists (EBO) examinations are a great criterion for assessing and identifying the best orthodontists, since every year only a few orthodontists would achieve this authenticate certificate. Membership in the important international organizations and associations like World Federation of Orthodontists (WFO), American Association of Orthodontists (AAO) and European Orthodontic Society (EOS) are only available for those who have such valid and reputable certificates.
  •  Experienced orthodontist with good information about various craniofacial diseases and familiar with all craniofacial abnormalities should always get chosen.
  • An orthodontist who have written and published many relevant authenticate scientific researches has a much better insight on this field.
  •  People who have had various lectures both in domestic and international seminars likely are better for a higher quality and proficiency in treating orthodontic diseases.

2- Asking about Other Patients’ Opinions

Experienced orthodontists will have treated large numbers of patients. To get more recurrence you are able to ask other patients (friends, relatives, etc) the orthodontic services they have gotten so far. The best orthodontist not only has the proper personal skills and proficiency, but they have sufficient facilities and equipment as well as proper planning to meet all needs of patients and to offer the best orthodontic services. Accountability to patients is very important. Since the orthodontic treatment is approximately long, having a proper and sure access to the orthodontist and doing necessary follow-ups are something important that must be met.

young woman smile with dental brackets

A young lady smiling and showing off her brackets.

3- Browsing the Internet

The internet would be a great tool for those who want to find the best orthodontist in Tehran city or across Iran. Here you can see patients’ comments using the review button, you can view questions and answers people have posted. Check the orthodontist in question’s own website and its content. So, before visiting your orthodontist, you can gain important information about them.

4- Face-to-Face Consultation

To make sure about your right decision upon choosing an orthodontist, you can visit them personally and verify what you had found about them beforehand. Face-to-face consultation allows you not only appraise the orthodontist, but help you to analyze the staff and the clinic condition. As mentioned above, you may have to meet the clinic in question several times during your treatment course, so it is recommended to analyze your orthodontist in terms of various aspects. Considering the following hints would be useful during face-to-face consultations:

  • Orthodontist’s experience: orthodontic procedure needs knowledge and experience. So, you can ask them when they started to perform orthodontic procedures? (The longer the experience aka better).
  •  What technology they use: Making sure about performing orthodontic procedures using the state-of-the-art technologies is vitally important. Naturally, the modern treatments are more convenient and practical than the old ones.
  • Official safety and cleanness: a sterilized and very clean clinic plays a key role in choosing a therapist by their patients. Make sure all sanitary standards and considerations are met by the orthodontist.
  • Atmosphere and service: The perfect environment and services help you to feel good in the clinic. Remind that, as mentioned already, your medical procedure would take several meetings, so, the first one must be a pleasing one.

The Best Orthodontist in Iran

In Iran, an orthodontist is a dentist who has completed their orthodontics advanced course followed by graduation from the General Doctor Course of Dentistry (GDCD). After gaining admission to the advanced course by participating in its entrance course, they have finished the program successfully. As a result, having the orthodontic advanced academic certificate from a reputable university is very important and helpful when considering an orthodontist to perform your treatment. Tehran University of Medical Sciences and Shahid Beheshti University are the most reputable Iranian academic institutes from which the best Iranian orthodontists would be graduated from.

Dr. Abdolreza Jamilian is one of the best orthodontists in Iran. He is known as the best orthodontist in Tehran and Iran, because he has recorded many scientific and research glories in both national and international levels. He has been honored as the best researcher and the best lecturer of the country. He is also the only Iranian orthodontist whose name is recorded in Wikipedia. On top of this, he has done many valuable international works on orthodontics. Registering patents in the United States and Iran as well as presenting several lectures in authentic international journals and seminars are only a small fraction of these glories. For more information and observing certificates, please click the “About Dr. Jamilian” section.

What Services are Provided by an Orthodontist?

Orthodontics is referred to as the first dentistry specialty. It deals with diagnosis, prevention and treatment of dental and craniofacial abnormalities. Orthodontic treatments try to both improve the aesthetic aspects of patients’ faces and to enhance their oral and dental performance. Here, you can find various services an orthodontist may offer you:

  • Management of cleft lip and palate (harelip): harelip is classified as a congenital disease.
  •  Management of simple dental abnormalities: simple abnormalities such as Supernumerary teeth (ST), Malocclusion (misaligned jaw), and Anterior cross-bite.
  •  Management of complicated dental abnormalities: Complicated abnormalities including overjet, deep bite, open bite, tooth agenesis, misplaced midline, and diastema.
  • Management of jaw abnormalities including class II problems, class III problems, Jaw-deviation dystonia, upper jaw malocclusion, lower jaw malocclusion.
dr jamilian orthodontic clinic reception waiting room

Reception and waiting room of Dr. Jamilian’s orthodontic clinic

The Best Orthodontic Clinic

The best way to treat and manage your oral and dental problems is going to the best orthodontic clinic where a skilled orthodontic is working. However, how can you find the best one out of so many clinics and dentists?

If you live in Tehran or any other city, please consider the following hints when you decide to find the best orthodontic clinic and the best orthodontist:

  • Vote for experience: you should find an orthodontic clinic or an orthodontist who has sufficient experience in this field.
  • Refer to a specialist: you need to find a clinic or a dentist who has worked professionally in the field of orthodontics.
  • Respect fame: a famous clinic or orthodontist certainly has become known because they have finished many cases successfully. So, use other patients’ experience in this regard.
  • Select an orthodontist, who has published books and articles inside and outside the country; teaches in a university; has presented several lectures in domestic and international seminars on orthodontics, and has registered patents in prominent countries.

Orthodontic management is a key treatment used to correct misalignment of teeth and jaws, which plays a key role in improving the aesthetic aspects of people’s face and smile. Hence, you need to pay special attention when you decide to find the best orthodontist.

dr jamilian orthodontic clinic internal space equipment

Dr. Jamilian orthodontic clinic internal space equipment

What Goals are Followed by the Best Orthodontist?

Relying on high-quality services and cost-effective planning, the best orthodontist tries to achieve their final goals which are correcting oral, dental and craniofacial abnormalities. As well as improving the physical and mental health of their patients. However, when patients refer to a general dentist who lacks enough proficiency and skills in doing orthodontic treatments, not only they fail to treat their current problems, they would face new problems, as well.

The Best Orthodontic Treatment with the Patient’s Cooperation

To achieve the best result for the orthodontic treatment, patients need to have a good cooperation with their therapist. During orthodontic treatments, patients have to listen carefully to all guidelines their orthodontic would tell them. For example, if a patient is told to use orthodontic rubber bands during the treatment, they have to follow the orthodontist’s instructions in order to reach the best results. In this regard, relying on his high experience and proficiency in orthodontics, Dr. Jamilian has always succeeded in awarding his visitors with a great balance between their facial features and a beautiful smile.

Frequently Asked Questions from an Orthodontist

1. What are the advantages of an orthodontist, who is a university faculty too?

An experienced orthodontist, who is a university professor, is always updating his and his students’ information. Living in a dynamic scientific environment helps them to gain new information on orthodontic disorders and their treatments before other orthodontists.

2. What are the treatments an orthodontist may use?

  • Aligning teeth and placing them in the proper and correct positions
  • Helping people to have bright smile
  • Correcting the improper craniofacial and dental relations
  • Adjusting and correcting the relations between teeth and craniofacial bones
  •  Correcting craniofacial abnormalities

3. Is there any possibility of tooth extraction while doing orthodontic treatments?

Orthodontists do their best to avoid extracting any teeth as far as possible, however, some patients suffer from such a crowded mouth that orthodontists have no choice but extracting one or more teeth. For patients who suffer from a low oral space, orthodontists usually prefer to extract only those teeth which had been decayed or filled already or teeth with artificial crowns or teeth with the gum problems. Moreover, the space left vacant after the tooth extraction is filled completely at the end of the treatment process.

4. Are orthodontists able to treat all sorts of craniofacial problems and disorders?

A skilled and experienced orthodontist is able to diagnose craniofacial abnormalities and correct them using orthodontic techniques as far as possible. However, there are cases in which patients need surgery, so it is the experienced orthodontists who know exactly when their patients should visit a maxillofacial surgeon.

5. Do orthodontists only treat children and young adults?

Orthodontists have no limitation to visit their patients, because orthodontic treatment is not restricted to a special group or age range. Orthodontic treatment is recommended to 8 years old and above. If there is a delay in visiting an orthodontist, the treatment course would last longer.

6. Why do we have to visit orthodontists for orthodontic treatments?

Orthodontic treatment is a specialized treatment. The necessary training for doing such treatments is not provided during the general course of dentistry. Only orthodontists who had participated in the advanced course, after finishing their general dentistry program, and received necessary relevant trainings are able to perform these treatments professionally.

7. How many years does it take to be an orthodontist?

Six years are necessary for a general dentist to take their doctor of dentistry degree. Then, they would participate in the entrance examination of the orthodontic advanced program. Orthodontics advanced program takes four years. Upon finishing this program, the orthodontists should participate in the specialty board exam and those who pass the exam successfully are recognized as the orthodontists with the specialty board certificate.

8. What is the advantage of orthodontists with the surgery fellowship to other orthodontists?

Since dentistry as a science is a broad field there are various fellowships for orthodontists to complete and upgrade their knowledge and proficiency. An orthodontist with the surgery fellowship has higher ability and knowledge to perform treatment of craniofacial diseases and incurable syndromes. Some craniofacial abnormalities not only need orthodontic treatments, but they also need surgery and orthopedic surgery. Therefore, if your therapist owns the surgery fellowship, they will offer you a more complete and better treatment sketch to you.

9. Who is the best orthodontist in Tehran?

The best orthodontist of Tehran and Iran is someone who has not only finished his orthodontic advanced course with a great score, but has the surgery fellowship. Some achievements Dr. Jamilian has over the years include: owning the orthodontic board of Iran and Europe, written 6 books in Persian and 4 books in English about orthodontics, published more than 100 articles in reputable international journals, is the best orthodontist who has registered three related orthodontic machines in the United States and in Iran, and Dr. Jamilian has presented several lectures in both Iranian orthodontic congresses and in European orthodontic seminars.

10. What questions are useful before selecting the best orthodontist?

Ask the orthodontist to explain about the orthodontic treatment plan, treatment duration, tools, and equipment they may use for treatment for you. Likewise, the costs of orthodontic treatment must be consistent with the type of service and management offered by the orthodontist. Research and study about history, experience and sample works of the orthodontist in question and then select the best one.

11. How can we find the best orthodontist during covid-19 pandemic?

In covid-19 pandemic time, besides considering the experience and proficiency of the best orthodontist, you also have to pay attention to the sanitary protocols of the clinic or medical office. All staff and the orthodontist should wear masks, gloves and special garments. Meeting other sanitary protocols including regular disinfection of clinic or office surfaces is also important. The orthodontist’s online response to questions of the patients is another key service that the best orthodontist would provide to the patients during the covid-19 pandemic.

Dr Abdolreza Jamilian Orthodontist

About Dr Abdolreza Jamilian Orthodontist

Dr. Jamilian, an orthodontist, has a specialized fellowship in orthodontic surgery and maxillofacial abnormalities and is a professor in the orthodontics department of the Dentistry School of the Islamic Azad University. He is member of Iranian and European Board of Orthodontics (EBO) and is a member of the Iranian, American and European Orthodontists Association.

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