jaw deformity

Mandible deficiency

mandibular deficiency

Mandible deficiency refers to undergrowth of the lower jaw. In this case, the mandible should be directed forward with the help of mandibular functional appliances. These treatments are among the orthopedic treatments.

orthognathic surgery

In other words, the jaws are corrected with these functional appliances which are basically large removable appliances that stimulate the growth of the mandible until it reaches its normal size and position. These treatments should be done before puberty to achieve best results. Failure to take these treatments at the right time (before puberty) may require jaw surgery in the future.

mandibular orthognathic surgery

Mandible deficiency and low face height

Most of the time the patient has a small mandible with a low facial height and deep-bite malocckusion, which is a complication of mandibular deficiency. Deep-bite condition is said to be a condition where the upper teeth cover much more than the standard lower teeth. This leads to gum damage and tooth erosion of both rows and premature tooth decay. It also damages the beauty of the patient’s face.Most patients also find that the lower row teeth are crowded and irregular. Because the small mandibular does not have enough space for the teeth to grow. For this reason, the teeth are squeezed together and the teeth become crowded and unstable.

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