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Orthodontic Emergency

orthodontic emergency

An orthodontic emergency is an urgent case that happens rarely. Patients under orthodontics treatment must bear in mind to immediately visit their orthodontist in case of any problem. If the patient had perfectly followed the orthodontics instructions, they might never face emergency orthodontics problems. However, some sudden incidents might lead to an emergency condition.

When a patient faces a slight problem without the feeling of pain or discomfort, it is recommended that they wait until their next appointment with their orthodontist to resolve the problem.

emergency in orthodontic treatment

Orthodontic Emergency & Immediate Visit to the Orthodontist

In case of any inference in the normal process of orthodontics treatment, the treatment should not go as planned. An orthodontic emergency is in fact concerned with the urgent situation that the person is required to go to the orthodontist immediately and inform the orthodontist of their condition. Waiting for the next appointment is merely Ok when you have no specific oral or dental problem.

In the case of an orthodontic emergency, the patient might experience pain, severe burning sensations, or bleeding. In case of any of the above problems, immediately go to an orthodontist to make an emergency appointment regarding your problem.

Is General Pain Considered as Orthodontic Emergency?

After placing the orthodontics brackets, the patient might feel mild pain due to the new pressure applied to their teeth. Sometimes the patient feels severe pain that is hard to tolerate which is a rare occasion. In this case, you must immediately go to an orthodontist. The orthodontist might prescribe pain relievers or anti-inflammation medications that can be helpful. Besides, some specialists recommend using warm water and salt for washing your mouth.

Orthodontic Emergency in case of Accident or a Severe Blow to the Teeth

If you had an accident during your orthodontics treatment or received a strong blow to your teeth, in case of severe bleeding, pain, burning sensation, or in case the components of your orthodontics appliance have come off you should go to the orthodontist straight away. These accidents are among the crucial orthodontics emergencies and they must be examined and inspected by a doctor in order to prevent any further problems.

Loosened Brackets

If your brackets are loose but are still attached to the wire, they can be easily placed back. This case is not considered an emergency if it does not cause pain or problems for the patient. Failure to observe the proper nutrition during the treatment and tampering with the orthodontics appliances can lead to loose orthodontics brackets. The detached brackets can be held to their place by the orthodontics wax when you go to the orthodontist at your next appointment.

Allergic Reaction to the Orthodontics Appliance

Some patients show allergic reactions to the orthodontics brackets and these allergic reactions can occur inside the mouth. In case you feel a burning sensation or have any other reactions after a few days and feel that their symptoms are becoming extreme, then you need to inform your orthodontist right away so that they can provide you with solutions to resolve this problem.

Paying Attention to the Wire that Came out of Brackets

Sometimes, especially in the first days of the treatment, due to the forces applied during brushing or eating some foods that the position of the wires might change. When this happens, the wires can be placed back using cotton swabs. Sometimes, the end of the wire sticks out and causes pain to the lips and cheeks. In case you could not fix this problem, the orthodontics wax must be used and you can contact your orthodontist to make an appointment as soon as possible.

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