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What is invisible orthodontics

invisible orthodontics

In the invisible orthodontic method, orthodontic appliances are not visible or clear on the teeth. In other words, when the patient smile, orthodontic devices are not visible. Therefore, the invisible orthodontics are popular among people. The invisible orthodontics are presented in three ways, which are referred to below.

Types of invisible orthodontic

Orthodontists are now able to offer multiple options to help patients achieve straighter teeth by invisible orthodontic. Types of invisible braces include lingual orthodontic, clear aligners and tooth-colored braces. Some of them are removable or fixed braces. For example, tooth-colored braces and lingual braces are fixed. But clear aligners are in removable orthodontic category.

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Lingual orthodontic

Lingual or inside braces are placed on the back of your teeth. Therefore, they are hide from view. People know them as Incognito, or Harmony braces. Lingual braces need more effort and chair time, because lingual braces are attach to the back side of the teeth, they can damage your tongue or break very soon.

Clear aligners

In invisible orthodontic method by clear aligners, we try to adjust teeth by devices that are a transparent, plastic form of dental braces. The type of malocclusion determines whether these invisible appliances can be used. An orthodontist indicates this procedure during a patient’s examination.

These clear aligners should be replace every two weeks or every three weeks. Because of the invisibility of these aligners, there is an increasing popularity of clear aligner appliances.

Tooth-colored braces

Tooth colored braces are made of clear plastic material or ceramic. They attached over your teeth to straighten and aligned them. They are efficient for all malocclusion types. They are colorless and cannot be seen. These braces are strength enough. They are beautiful and does not cause any problem for the patient.

Invisible orthodontic

Clear Aligner Therapy is an orthodontic treatment modality in which the patient wears a series of customized clear, removable aligners that gradually moves the teeth to a desired position.

Depending on severity of malocclusion, the total number of aligners varies are different. Clear aligners design by CAD/CAM technology. This computer-aided design, based on an orthodontic treatment plan.

Clear aligner is an orthodontic technique that uses a series of computer generated custom plastic aligners. These invisible aligners gradually guide the teeth into proper alignment. Each patient uses a number of clear aligners during their treatment. The patient uses one of the aligners for two weeks (22 hours a day). Each of the aligners provides a controlled and light force to the teeth and moves the teeth within two to three weeks. During this time, your teeth move about 0.25 millimeters.

Advantages of removable invisible aligners

While you are wearing the crystal-clear aligners, they are inconspicuous

They are transparent and removable so this appliance enhances the cosmetic value of it

Less chair time is an important advantage of removable invisible aligners

There are no abrasions or cuts while you are using invisible aligners like traditional braces

They are comfortable, because the aligner trays are fabricated with soft medical grade polymers.

They can maintain a good oral hygiene, because you could remove them while eating and brushing.

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