Invisible Orthodontics

Advantages of invisible orthodontics

advantages of invisible orthodontics

Invisibles orthodontics is a new generation of orthodontic appliances that have emerged in the field of orthodontic treatments to meet the new needs of patients. Most adults and even children no longer like their braces to be visible when they smile or talk. Thus, this group of patients mainly request the use of invisible orthodontics in their treatment. The advantages of invisible orthodontics are not limited to their appearance. The advantages of invisible orthodontics are discussed in the following.

The advantage of customized invisible orthodontic appliances

The molds used in this method are completely customized and are made tailored to the patient’s teeth and jaw. This is why these braces are completely comfortable and cause no difficulty while chewing or talking.

image of invisible orthodontic on the tooth


The first and most important advantage of invisible orthodontics is their invisibility. Considering that these braces cannot be seen in the mouth, they are more suitable in terms of appearance. Invisible orthodontics might be installed on teeth with clear removable plaques or fixed orthodontics of the same color as the teeth.

Removability, the advantage of clear aligners

The removability of invisible orthodontics with clear aligners is another one of their advantages so that you can easily remove them when brushing your teeth, eat, or do any other thing that requires the aligners to be removed. The patient might want to go to an important meeting without orthodontic braces. In these cases, the patient removes their removable transparent orthodontics easily and installs their removable orthodontic plaques with no need to refer to the orthodontist. Besides, children can remove their removable transparent orthodontics when playing ball or doing any other activity there is the risk of being hit on the mouth.

Easy installation and use of invisible orthodontics

Contrary to fixed orthodontics, the patient does not need to refer to the orthodontist repeatedly in this method. Any change in fixed orthodontics requires a visit to the orthodontist. Meanwhile, removable transparent orthodontic braces can be easily moved and changed by the patient. According to the studies of orthodontists, another orthodontic problem that has been resolved by invisible orthodontics is that metal braces might irritate and damage the oral mucosa and scratch gums and the inside of the mouth. Meanwhile, there are no wires and braces in invisible braces, and the removable plaque installed inside the mouth is soft enough to not harm the teeth, gums, and the tissues inside the mouth in general.

The less need for caring, another advantage of removable invisible orthodontics

The use of removable and invisible orthodontics requires no complex and difficult care. However, it must be mentioned that the molds might change color and grow dull over time, in which case you can resolve the issue by brushing them several times. Of course, toothbrushes made especially to brush invisible orthodontics must be used for this purpose.

Cleaning the teeth and maintaining oral health during the orthodontic period is among the factors that dental professional emphasize all the time. Traditional orthodontics is quite difficult and time-consuming to clean, especially after each meal; but patients using invisible orthodontics can easily remove the orthodontics from their mouth before brushing their teeth and reinstall them afterward. This makes the teeth less prone to weakness and decay.

Patients using traditional orthodontics must follow a specific diet to prevent damage to their braces which includes many dietary restrictions and even results in weight loss over the treatment in some cases. Thus, invisible orthodontics gives patients more freedom in this regard since it can be removed and requires no tedious diets to be followed.put invisible orthodontics on the teeth

Fewer checkups

Another advantage of removable and invisible orthodontics is the fewer visits to the orthodontist. There is no need for frequent visits to the orthodontist to adjust the molds which can help reduce the costs and consume less of your time, both of which can be considered as the advantages of invisible orthodontics.

Advantages of invisible orthodontics FAQ

1-Who cannot benefit from the advantages of invisible orthodontics?

Patients with severe jaw deformities, intermaxillary problems, or complex dental disruption cannot benefit from the advantages of invisible orthodontics with removable plaques to align their teeth. However, there are no restrictions for the use of invisible orthodontics with fixed ceramic plaques and all patients can use this method to straighten their teeth.

2-What is the best age to benefit from the advantages of invisible orthodontics?

The best age to benefit from all of the advantages of invisible orthodontics is before puberty hits since the mouth and jaws are still developing in this period and are highly flexible which leads to better and faster results by using invisible orthodontics compared to any other age.

3-Does maintaining oral hygiene increase the advantages of invisible orthodontics?

The influence of oral hygiene on the advantages of invisible orthodontics cannot be overlooked. Maintaining oral health results in the health of teeth being protected, and the patient will have healthy and straight teeth by the end of the orthodontic treatment.

4-Do the advantages of invisible orthodontics justify their use?

The fact that invisible orthodontics have benefits that would persuade anyone to use them does not mean that they can be used for all types of anomalies. This is because, despite its advantages, this method has disadvantages as well that could result in a restriction in the orthodontic treatment.

5-Does fewer orthodontist visits during the treatment period with a clear invisible aligner count as an advantage?

The fewer visits to the orthodontist office is another advantage of invisible orthodontics with clear aligners. However, some patients assume that this will result in problems in the process of orthodontic treatment. Meanwhile, science and experience have proved that this type of orthodontics does not require frequent visits to the orthodontist’s office and the patient will not suffer from any problems considering that the molds are removable.

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