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Damon orthodontics

damon orthodontics

Damon is one of the newest treatment methods. Normally, the wire should be attached to orthodontic brackets by very small elastic bands, but in the Damon method, the wire is attached to the brackets through a self-ligating mechanism with sliding opening and closing capability.

In the Damon system, the wire is attached to the bracket through a self-ligating mechanism; therefore, this system no longer requires elastic bands around the brackets, and hence patients can easily clean the wire and brackets; while microorganisms can easily accumulate around the elastic bands in conventional orthodontic methods, making it difficult to maintain hygiene, especially for young children. Hygiene around the brackets is improved in this system and discoloration does not occur around the brackets.

damon bracket

Benefits of Damon orthodontics

Reduced number of orthodontist visits

Considering the lack of need for elastic bands in Damon orthodontics, it will require fewer adjustments leading to decreases in the number of orthodontist visits.

With this unique design, the teeth are moved to their correct positions in a more comfortable manner than traditional brackets. Damon orthodontics is aesthetically less noticeable than traditional metal brackets. It also has an easier system to keep clean.


Damon orthodontics is a relatively new system which is more expensive than fixed orthodontics with conventional metal brackets. However, other benefits of Damon orthodontics have made this method cost-effective because of reduced number of orthodontic examinations.

Reduced friction

With the elimination of elastic ligatures, teeth can move freely with no friction. As a result, abrasion will be completely eliminated.

Reduced length of orthodontic treatment

Damon orthodontics reduces orthodontic treatment duration. Studies show a 6-month reduction in the treatment duration. In fact, the reduction of the treatment duration can be partly attributed to reduced friction between the teeth.

Reduced pain

Measurement of pain level in Damon orthodontics has shown that patients endure much less pain than in other methods.

Increased oral health

More bacteria and plaques are accumulated in ordinary brackets, and the elastic bands are often discolored with different foods and drinks. Elimination of these elastic bands in the Damon system improves oral health during orthodontic treatment and provides a healthier smile.

Great results

The results of Damon orthodontics are excellent and satisfactory. Even patients can get better results faster with less pain and side effects. Damon orthodontics is known as an advanced technology that moves teeth more effectively with less adjustment than traditional methods.

Damon system is a clinical treatment aiming at adjusting the teeth and making the face and smile more beautiful. With Damon orthodontics, patients can achieve great results and end their treatment faster.

damon orthodontics

Strengths and weaknesses of Damon orthodontics

There are many advertisements about the Damon system such as no need for teeth extraction, reduced length of treatment, increased distance between patient visits and reduced pain, but all of these depend on the type and severity of malformation, age of visit and many biological factors which vary among patients and are determined upon examination by the orthodontist; for example the need for tooth extraction and the treatment duration. In fact, the final decision on a tooth extraction depends on patient’s conditions and the discretion of the orthodontist, rather than the therapeutic tools. Despite recent technological advances, no therapeutic tool has been developed and introduced to reduce the duration of treatment. There are many contradictory articles on the reduction of treatment duration using this system. Regarding orthodontics pain reduction with the Damon system, there is some pain and discomfort in the first few days after applying the wires. Therefore, there is no significant difference between the Damon system and the conventional standard procedures in terms of pain level. All claims about a new product are confirmed by orthodontists when it is approved by reputable scientific research centers. Claims made by reputable scientific centers are incorrect without considering accredited studies by reputable scientific research centers. No significant difference has been reported between the Damon system and other appliances in the literature.

damon orthodontic advantages

Consult a physician and take advantage of Damon orthodontic benefits

You can consult your orthodontist for the benefits of Damon orthodontics to determine if this system is appropriate for you. In fact, all orthodontists try to preserve the patients’ time and cost by applying the best orthodontic techniques to give them a beautiful and attractive smile.

Frequently Asked Questions about Damon Orthodontics

1-What is the difference between Damon orthodontics and conventional fixed orthodontics?

The Damon orthodontic braces are self-ligating; whereas, the conventional fixed orthodontic braces require regular ligating and tightening sessions by an orthodontist. The Damon System uses a sliding mechanism to gradually tighten and straighten your teeth. In many cases, this orthodontic treatment is associated with comfort and less pain.

2-What are the different types of Damon orthodontics?

Similar to the conventional fixed orthodontics, which is available in different materials and alloys, the Damon orthodontics also has different materials. However, Damon clear and ceramic braces are the most popular, because they are less visible.

3-How faster is Damon orthodontics than conventional fixed orthodontics?

We should not expect the Damon system works miracles. What is important about this orthodontic therapy is its higher efficiency and speed than the conventional methods. This is because it alleviates the need for regular dentist visits. Since the tooth movement cannot exceed a certain level per month, the Damon orthodontics requires a treatment period of at least six months.

4-Does Damon orthodontics need power chain braces?

As was mentioned earlier, the Damon orthodontics works automatically and does not require chains or even rubber bands; whereas, chains and rubber bands are essential in the conventional fixed orthodontics.

5-How often does Damon orthodontics need orthodontist visits?

You can expect to visit an orthodontist every 6-10 weeks while patients treated with conventional fixed orthodontic braces should visit the orthodontist every month.

6-Is Damon orthodontics more effective than Invisalign?

Fixed orthodontic treatment is typically more effective and faster than removable orthodontic appliances, such as Invisalign. The Damon orthodontics, as a fixed orthodontic treatment, has the highest efficiency. The only advantage of Invisalign over the Damon orthodontics is that the former treatment is removable and thus more convenient to use. However, this characteristic prolongs the duration of treatment.

7-Does Damon orthodontics need a rubber band?

The Damon orthodontic brackets are fully automatic and do not require rubber bands. The Damon orthodontic appliances are made of effective clamps and brackets that use gentle forces to move teeth to their correct position.

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