jaw deformity

Maxillary protrusion

maxillary prognathism

The maxilla can be protruded in some cases; this phenomenon is known as maxillary protrusion. This condition is corrected with orthodontics extraoral appliances called the headgear, which retract the maxilla and prevent its overgrowth using elastic bands placed on the head or back of the neck.

maxillary prognathism

Headgear types

Two different type of headgears are used depending on the type of anomaly. These appliances are divided into the following types:

– Low pull headgear (cervical headgear)

– High pull headgear (occipital headgear)

– Straight pull headgear

These treatments should be also performed before puberty; otherwise, maxillofacial surgery will be required to retract the maxilla.

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