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Maxillary deficiency

maxillary deficiency

Maxillary deficiency can be transversely extended with removable screw plaques. When providing the removable screw plaques, the patient is instructed how to open them, usually once every 5 days. In some cases, Hyrax screws, which are slightly larger, can be used to open the midline gap of the palate, but the type of screw is dependent on the type of malformation. Sometimes the maxilla, in addition to being small, may be inadequately grown in the anteroposterior direction. In other words, it may be far behind its correct position. This condition requires extraoral appliances which attach to the maxillary removable plaque with elastic bands and guide the maxilla forward.

The extraoral appliances used for this purpose include the face mask and reverse chin cup. However, other orthodontic appliances including removable intraoral plaques with rods in the front are able to extend the maxilla. These appliances can be assisted by the tongue force applied to the rods. The tongue can be used to compensate the decreased maxillary growth. Alternatively, the maxillary growth can be increased by placing mini-screws or a mini-plate in the mandible along with elastic bands and removable orthodontics or fixed orthodontics appliances in the maxilla. For further information, please visit international articles published by Dr. Jamilian. These treatments should be performed before puberty. Surgery will be required if the patient refers after puberty.

maxillary deficiency treatment

 Articles written by Dr. Jamilian, about Maxillary deficiency:

you could find the articles about Maxillary deficiency in below. this articles written by Dr. Jamilian Orthodontist. In these articles, he has discussed about the applicable orthodontic appliances and various methods of maxillary deficiency treatments.

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