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What Is a Gummy Smile?

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A Gummy Smile is a state of which the gums show when smiling. In this state, the person’s teeth and lips movements naturally cause some people to show their gums (above their teeth) when smiling or even talking.

Beautiful teeth and gums are very crucial in a person’s health. Besides their role in actions such as chewing or talking, they can enhance a person’s self-confidence. However, one of the common problems regarding the appearance of the gum is the gummy smile malocclusion.

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What Is The Cause Of Gummy Smile?

On average, a person has only 1 to 2 millimeters of the gums showing when smiling. However, for people that have gummy smiles this amount is increased up to 7 millimeters. The gummy smile causes more mental and psychological problems than physical ones. A person with this problem feels that they look ugly when they are talking or smiling and most of the time this can result in embarrassment around other people and aloofness.

In a gummy smile due to the position of the gums, when eating or brushing and cleaning the teeth, the person may injure the terminal part of the gums attached to the teeth. Accordingly, this can lead to gum inflammation and bleeding.

Gummy Smile Treatment Methods

There are two types of treatment for this problem, i.e. surgical and nonsurgical. In the surgical method, the gummy smile problem is fixed by performing jaw surgery together with a variety of techniques. This method is invasive and causes complications similar to any other surgery.

The Orthodontics Treatment For Gummy Smile

The orthodontics treatment is used when the gummy smile malocclusion is caused due to small teeth, jaw abnormalities and the patient is young. TADs technology is usually used in the treatment of gummy smiles. Also, this problem can be corrected by treating the abnormality of the maxilla or even mandible.

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Non-Surgical treatment of gummy smile

The Non-Surgical Treatment Of Gummy Smile

The non-surgical methods for gummy smile treatment generally are ambulatory procedures. It can be carried out in a dental clinic and the person may perform their day-to-day activities in a very short time after the procedure.

Another method is using Botox. In this specific method, it happens by injecting liquid Botulinum toxin a controlled paralysis is created in the muscles that raise the lips during the process of smiling. Consequently, when smiling the lip muscles do not work properly and the gummy smile is treated. Bear in mind that this method is used for a specific group of patients on the basis of the orthodontist’s diagnosis.

Another important factor that should be taken into account when injecting Botox is the dose of Botox toxin that is about to be injected into the muscles around the mouth. If the amount of the toxin is less than the expected amount, there will be low effectiveness and in case the amount of the injected toxin is not controlled and injected unstudied. This can disrupt the balance of the facial components and cause unnecessary paralysis of the muscles around the mouth.

The other method for treatment of gummy smiles is gel injection. In this method, a gel is injected into the lips to enhance the volume of lips, which then results in more coverage when smiling. Different types of injectable materials and hyaluronic acid are used for injection. Sometimes, fat injection can be used as a treatment by the orthodontist.

However, when injecting, if the person performing the procedure is not a professional, it can cause Hematoma and severe bleeding of lips. Allergic reactions and bruises are among the other probable side effects. This method can be carried out for a limited number of patients under the supervision of the orthodontist.

Gummy Smile FAQ

1-Is gummy smile attractive?

If more than 4 millimeters of your gums are showing when smiling, then, you have gummy teeth malocclusion. If you are under 12 treat the problems through orthodontics treatment, if you are above 12, treatment can be a combination of orthodontics and jaw surgery.

2-Does gummy lips have side effects on children?

The gummy smile can result in low self-confidence in children. Thus, it is recommended to go to an orthodontist to carry out the treatment of the children on the basis of the principles. In some cases, when the problem is not severe the gummy smile will be fixed by the child’s growth. However, in case of a severe gummy smile, the orthodontics treatment should start immediately.

3- Gummy smile treatment using fixed or removable orthodontics?

The removable orthodontics can be used for treatment when the patient is under 12 years old and fixed orthodontics when the patient is over 12 years old.

 4-What is the Non-Surgical procedure for gummy smile treatment?

It is recommended to go to an orthodontist for treatment. At younger ages, this abnormality can be treated without surgery and only by using removable orthodontics. Injecting gel or filler into the lips can be considered as a temporary option and a non-surgical treatment.

5- Which specialist should we go to before treating gummy smile?

It is recommended to go to an orthodontist for treatment of gummy smile. The orthodontist at the same time treats the crowded teeth and the gummy smile problem.

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