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The Right Time for Wisdom Tooth Extraction

The Right Time for Wisdom Tooth Extraction

At the end of the day, it is up to the orthodontist to determine the right time for wisdom tooth extraction. the extraction of wisdom teeth, orthodontists believe it should be postponed to the end of the orthodontic treatment period. This is due to other teeth that may need to be extracted during orthodontic treatment.

If everything goes right, as a result enough space will be provided for the wisdom teeth in the jaw. Or in other words, leaving no reason to extract the wisdom teeth. Therefore, extracting wisdom teeth at the beginning of the orthodontic period may be irreparable.

Furthermore, postponing wisdom tooth extraction until the end of the orthodontic period makes the extraction process easier. If it is necessary to extract the wisdom teeth, due to tooth movement during orthodontic treatment, the wisdom teeth get closer to the occlusal surface, making the extraction process much easier.

The wisdom tooth is extracted only when it has erupted in a crooked orientation, misplaced in the mouth or become impacted in the gum. In this case, the wisdom tooth causes inflammation and discomfort for the patient and could misalign the teeth in the long run. Therefore, to determine the right time for wisdom tooth extraction, you should go to an orthodontist to be examined. In the following, further information about the right time to extract wisdom teeth is provided.

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The Best Time to Extract Wisdom Teeth

In some cases, given there not being enough space within the jaw for the growth and placement of all the teeth, the growth of wisdom teeth may be affected by space limitation. Moreover, the wisdom teeth erupt in a place where they could be rarely visible directly, and sometimes they may grow in a way to be partially or fully impacted in the gums. Some people think that the wisdom teeth should be extracted because they do not grow completely and correctly. Although this possibility exists, it’s not always the case. Wisdom teeth often have at least a small amount of space to move, but there is nothing to worry about. Eruption of wisdom teeth does not cause any problems for some people. However, if the wisdom teeth need to be extracted based on the orthodontist’s opinion, choosing the right time is of particular importance.

Visiting an Orthodontist for Extracting Wisdom Teeth

The best time to visit an orthodontist for wisdom tooth extraction is when a person feels that their wisdom teeth are erupting. The eruption of wisdom teeth is accompanied by symptoms such as swelling and inflammation of the gingiva at the end of the mouth, bleeding gums, bad taste in the mouth, feeling pain when opening and closing the jaws and general pain at the end of the jaw and face. If you or any friends have any of these synonyms or similar ones it is better to be examined by the orthodontist. The orthodontist examines the condition and position of the teeth and extracts them if necessary; otherwise, the orthodontist will provide you with the necessary recommendations about the measures you should take to reduce the pain of wisdom tooth eruption and keep them healthy after eruption. Using dental radiographs is among the best methods for determining the necessity of extracting the wisdom teeth as well as its appropriate time. However, given that the orthodontist may extract other teeth in the orthodontic treatment plan, there may be no need to remove the wisdom teeth.

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An Orthodontist’s Opinion About Wisdom Tooth Extraction Time

The orthodontist’s opinion about wisdom tooth extraction time depends on the patient’s condition to a large extent. Each patient has a unique condition and the orthodontist decides whether it is necessary to extract the wisdom teeth or not after examining patients and considering their conditions. Therefore, the right time for wisdom tooth extraction is determined only after examining the patient and considering their dental conditions.

For those who undergo orthodontic treatment, the best time to extract the wisdom teeth is determined at the end of the orthodontic period because wisdom teeth may be well positioned at the end of orthodontics and there may be no need to extract them after extraction other teeth during treatment as well as movement and rearrangement of the teeth.

Should Wisdom Teeth be Extracted for Orthodontics?

As once said, the proper space for wisdom teeth will remove the entire idea of extraction. It is often thought that wisdom teeth put a lot of pressure on other teeth during growth and make them misaligned, but this is not true for most people.

Misalignment and movement of the teeth often occur among susceptible adults aged 18-20 years old due to the growth of the lower jaw in the forward direction compared to the upper jaw. Since this phenomenon often coincides with the eruption of wisdom teeth, people mistakenly think that the teeth are moving due to the growth of wisdom teeth.

Therefore, the role of wisdom teeth in misaligning the teeth in adulthood is insignificant, so that it could be ignored. However, if wisdom teeth are misplaced and partially or fully impacted, it could cause problems such as gingivitis. In this case, whether the patient intends to do orthodontics or not, they should go to the dentist and have their wisdom teeth extracted.

Majority of times, wisdom tooth extraction does not interfere with orthodontic treatment, but it is not necessary for orthodontic treatment. Based on the orthodontist’s opinion, wisdom teeth could be extracted before, during, or after orthodontics.

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Effect of Wisdom Teeth on Space Between Teeth

It is often thought that the eruption of wisdom teeth could gradually reduce the space between the teeth and misaligned them. However, wisdom teeth do not necessarily cause dental anomalies and misalignment. Many factors could affect tooth irregularity.

Small jaw size is among the most important reasons for misaligned teeth. In patients who have a small jaw, the growth of large teeth could cause tooth misalignment due to the lack of sufficient space in the mouth. Missing teeth is another reason for malocclusion. Sometimes, a space is observed between the teeth due to the small number of teeth or missing teeth. A large space between the teeth causes the other teeth to start moving. As a result, the teeth become misaligned.

It may be concluded that the presence or absence of wisdom teeth does not have much effect on tooth misalignment. However, it is up to the orthodontist to diagnose the cause of tooth misalignment.

 Wisdom Tooth Extraction FAQ

1-Does wisdom tooth extraction cause a gap between the teeth?

Posterior teeth have less effect on the space between the teeth. Therefore, proving wrong to “extracting the wisdom teeth located at the very back of the mouth will lead to a gap between the teeth”.

2-Is the right time for wisdom tooth extraction is the same for everyone?

This is a common question, for which there is no definitive answer as it depends on the severity of symptoms. In other words, everything’s case is special and thus varies. More specifically the ones resulting from the presence of the wisdom teeth in the patient’s mouth as well as its effect on other teeth. It is said that a wisdom tooth that has no room for growth should be extracted at the age of 18 years old.

3-Is wisdom tooth extraction painful?

In general, wisdom tooth extraction is difficult due to its location at the end of the jaw and being impacted, but if this is done by a specialist using anesthesia, no pain will be felt.

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