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Diet in orthodontics

خانمی با براکت ارتودنسی و درحال خوردن سیب

During the first few days of orthodontic treatment, because your teeth have become sensitive and have not yet fully adapted to the orthodontic appliances in your mouth and your orthodontic attachments are not fully formed yet therfore the only foods that you can Consume are soft foods. Eating soft foods which are rich in vitamins helps a lot in the health of your teeth.

It may be very difficult for you to give your old eating habits up and not eating some foods, but in the end after completing the orthodontic treatment, you will have perfect teeth.

salad is a suitable food for people who have orthodontic brackets

During fixed orthodontic treatment, foods such as soup and soft fruits, are very suitable options for you. Solid foods should not be eaten during treatment by fixed orthodontics because of detachment of the fixed appliances from the tooth. Otherwise known as the fixed orthodontic appliances breaking, which must be re-attached to the teeth. This causes improper tooth movement, stops the treatment process, and in some cases irritates the oral mucosa and is harmful to the enamel if repeated.

tomato soup is a suitable food for those who have orthodontic brackets.It is noteworthy that fixed orthodontic appliances are so firmly adhered to the teeth that they are not easily removed by ordinary foods. Toothache is normal after insertion and each session of activation of the fixed orthodontic appliance and will be resolved in a few days. Analgesics such as acetaminophen can be used in the case of unbearable pain. During treatment by fixed orthodontics, avoid eating all kinds of seeded fruits, candy, corn, olive, toast, pizza, and sticky foods such as gaz and sohan. To eat seeded fruits such as cherry, peach, and greengage, remove the kernel; divide them into small pieces, and then use. To eat sandwiches and fruits such as apples and carrots, and nuts such as hazelnut and pistachio, divide them into small pieces and chew with the back teeth. Foods such as cheese, yogurt, ice cream and milk are among the nutritious and delicious foods that are very soft and they don’t cause any damage to your orthodontics.

fried eggs and vegetable are the ideal food for someone who has undergone orthodontic treatment

What types of foods can be eaten during treatment?

The orthodontist will give you all information you need about the type of food consumed during the treatment.

– Do not use gum, toffee, gaz, sohan, scorched rice and sandwich bread.

– Divide the food and fruit into small portions and place them on the back teeth.

– Avoid biting food and fruit, pizza, sandwich, dried bread or toast, apple, cucumber and corn by the anterior and bottom teeth.

– First remove the kernels of seeded fruits (peach, plum, tomato, date, olive), then cut fruits into small portions, and use the back teeth for chewing.

– To use nuts (pistachio, almond, hazelnut, walnut and seed), peel them off and place the kernels on the back teeth.

– Make sure that there is no sand, chicken bone, dry bread or stiff meat in the food.

– Do not place pencils, pens and toys in the mouth.

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