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Grinding teeth together

a man who is grinding teeth together

Teeth grinding or bruxism may alternately occur, mainly when we are angry or sleeping. Bruxism is a condition that also occurs in healthy individuals and often causes no neurological failure or lesion. Some patients report that those around them hear their teeth sound when they are sleeping.

Who wears their teeth?

Patients who wear off their teeth can be divided into two categories. The orthodontist or dentist will suggest the appropriate treatment to the patient depending on which of the two groups the patient is in. These patients fall into two categories:

  1. nervous and anxious people
  2. normal people

a boy who is grinding teeth together at night

Causes of teeth grinding (bruxism)

Bruxism seems to be an inheritable condition and it equally prevalent among women and men. If bruxism remains untreated in people with no neurological problem, it may turn into a bad habit and even lead to dental abrasion after a while. Although the dental abrasion may correct uncoordinated contacts, bruxism will remain a bad habit. In cases where bruxism is caused by neurological problems, it may remain as a permanent habit even after the improvement of neurological problems.

If wear occurs or is observed, you have to visit the dentist, after diagnosing the cause of it, an orthodontist can make a device called Night Guard. By Using it while you are sleeping this habit can be eliminated.

Some patients may have bruxism due to jaw and tooth abnormalities. It seems necessary to see an orthodontist at this time. Sometimes, some patients may have bruxism due to some restorative treatments that are done without considering the anatomy of the patient’s jaw and teeth. Therefore, you have to see an orthodontist take the necessary measures to treat and prevent anatomical problems of the jaw and teeth.

a boy who is grinding teeth together

Complications of grinding teeth together

What is certain is that by wearing off your teeth against each other, you will lose the enamel over time. Following the loss of tooth enamel, teeth are prone to tooth decay. In addition, periodontal disease is common in these cases. Another complication of this disease is a decrease in the patient’s sleep quality. Most patients who wear their teeth together wake up tired in the morning with toothache and jaw pain.

Treatment of teeth grinding

the cause of bruxism is rooted in the patient’s neTreatment of teeth grinding (bruxism)urological problems, in additionIf  to seeing a dentist, it is also necessary to visit a neurologist and psychologist. The use of night guards and dental protectors helps to prevent further damage to the teeth and tooth decay. Finally, after solving the problem of bruxism teeth, it is necessary to take the necessary measures to repair the teeth that were damaged during this wrong habit.

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