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Everything about the Hollywood Smile

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Teeth, gums and jaw’s form are the most important constituents of a smile design. For most people, the most perfect smile is a Hollywood smile. Having even straight teeth and a standard jaw is the first prerequisite for reaching a Bollywood and beautiful smile, but it is not enough. The health of gums, color of teeth and form of lips also are important and effective in finding a beautiful smile design.

The wonderful effect of famous actors’ Hollywood smiles is not a secret for any of us. Celebrities, of any age, can fascinate any viewer by showing the pearl-white color of their teeth and their beautiful smile design. Exactly for the same reason. A Hollywood smile is the best way to show your character and to emphasize your attractiveness.

Despite various fashions society imposes on us, having beautiful and healthy teeth will have a positive effect on our life. Apart from their functions, teeth can act as an indicator of our general physical and mental health. Given the importance of healthy teeth in our social life, cosmetic dentistry and achieving a Hollywood smile, particularly in recent years, have become very popular.

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What is a Hollywood smile?

A Hollywood smile is constituted of pearl-white teeth which are arranged together evenly. The midline of teeth passes exactly from the middle of the face and the maxilla stands about 1 to 2 mm ahead of the mandible. There is not much space between teeth and they are arranged exactly side by side. The space between teeth is so that flossing can be completed very easily and without any difficulty. Moreover, the size, form and color of teeth must be completely matched with the facial and oral form.

People are always looking for a way to have the beautiful smile from Hollywood celebrities. They want to smile freely and to not be afraid of showing their teeth and gums. For the same reason, this term has entered the dentistry world and dentistry techniques for realizing this purpose for those who want to be beautiful have been designed.

7 Major Techniques to Have a Hollywood Smile

There is a direct relationship between designing a Hollywood smile and your dentist or orthodontist skills. They can help you to reach the best and most durable result through spending a low cost. It greatly helps if your therapist is professional and familiar with the state-of-the-art techniques.

Here, we point to seven conventional methods for having a Hollywood smile, though maybe all people who seek a beautiful smile do not need to use all of them. After visiting a patient, both the orthodontist and the cosmetic dentist can recommend to the best way to achieve a Hollywood smile.

1. Dental Orthodontics

Through resetting the spaces between teeth, solving jaw problems, treating malocclusion problems, treating hidden teeth and removing jaw disorders, dental orthodontics can play a very important role in making a beautiful Hollywood smile for you. It is a harmless technique which makes our jaws and teeth more beautiful. In some scenarios, an orthodontist may recommend their patient to take advantage of orthodontics treatment and orthosurgery, simultaneously. These group of patients, often suffer from complicated jaw disorders. Additionally, in most cases due to their age and hardening bones they cannot use removable orthodontic methods anymore.

hollywood smile design using orthodontic methods

Hollywood smile design using orthodontic methods

It is never too late for moving teeth with fixed orthodontics and arranging teeth using the modern techniques of orthodontics and you can visit an orthodontist whenever you want. Because there is no need to shave teeth in orthodontic technique and also given its higher efficiency as well as its capability to move teeth, it is a very popular method for realizing a Hollywood smile for people.

2. Composite veneer

It is a very prompt method in which both the teeth’ fracture and the teeth’ color are corrected. In this method, teeth are shaved a little. It has a direct relationship with your dentist’s skill. Today, this method is considered one of the most popular methods for correcting tooth color, tooth fracture and tooth decay on large scale.

3. Dental Laminates

Using dental laminates is another popular method for having a Hollywood smile. In this method, your tooth is shaved, and tooth color correction is possible, as well.

4. Dental crowns

In this technique, a ceramic durable dental crown, the same color as the patient’s teeth, is used. Dental crowns are used for hiding tooth stains and those teeth which had been fractured. When the tooth crown has been removed completely, but its root remains, it can be reconstructed with a dental crown.
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5. Filling with composite

It is one of the oldest techniques for correcting teeth and is used for correcting minor decays and minor fractures of teeth.

6. Dental implants

Dental implant is a modern method for restoring and replacing the removed teeth. It is an effective and endurable method and its only problem is its very high costs. However, it is considered an expensive method. Dental implants are recommended when it is impossible to fill the space between teeth through orthodontic treatment and also when a patient has lost many teeth.

7. Bleaching

Bleaching is only useful for whitening teeth and removing dental stains. Since it’s a cost-effective method, it has its fans. Please notice that bleaching is not able to solve the dental decay. Dental bleaching is a useful and effective way that can be used for removing dental plaques and for the purpose of whitening teeth. You can hide those dental stains, which are not removed via bleaching, using veneers or dental laminates.

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FAQ Hollywood Smile

1. Is the method of designing a smile similar for everybody?

No, depending on the scale, intensity and type of disorders of the patient’s jaw and teeth, the methods that can be used for designing a Hollywood smile would vary. The budget and period of time a patient can assign for correcting their smile design also are effective in choosing a proper method. For a free-of-charge appointment and gaining the best consultation about having a Hollywood smile you can call Dr. Jamilian’s clinic.

2. Is ortho surgery necessary for having a Hollywood smile?

Jaw surgery is prescribed by an orthodontist for the correction of severe jaw disorders in adults. People who suffer from overbite or underbite and there is no way to move their jaws using orthodontic methods, need to experience orthosurgery or jaw surgery.

3. How much does Hollywood smile design cost?

It would vary depending on the method(s) carried out for designing a Hollywood smile. A lower cost would be taken for reaching a Hollywood smile design when a patient suffers from fewer dental and gum problems. Otherwise, if a patient suffers from many jaw and dental problems, naturally the cost of designing a Hollywood smile will be increased.

What factors would affect the design of a Hollywood smile .4?

It depends on many factors including: the layout model of teeth, type of disorders, intensity of disorders, age of patient, slope of teeth and jaws, fracture intensity and space between teeth, health condition of gums, facial form (round, oval or long), jaw bone model, etc.

5. Is designing a Hollywood smile risky?

Generally, Using Hollywood smile design methods such as composite veneers, orthodontics, and laminate is not risky and hazardous for those who want to have a beautiful smile, however, it is important to know that since there is no need to shave teeth in orthodontic technique and also given its higher efficiency as well as its capability to move teeth, it is a very popular method for realizing a Hollywood smile for people. If surgery is necessary, its risks must be considered completely.

6. Does Hollywood smile design eternal?

In comparison to other methods that may be used to design a Hollywood smile, Dental orthodontics by an up-to-date and skilled orthodontist is considered as the most durable technique for having an eternal Hollywood smile. Other methods like veneers, composite and dental implants are not eternal and their lifetime varies depending on the quality of materials and skill of the dentist.

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