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What is Removable Dental Veneer?

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Removable dental veneer, otherwise known as snap on smile is a variation of temporary cover placed on the teeth. As the name suggests, similar to a veneer to cover their unfavorable appearance. Removable dental veneer is a quick and simple way to remedy the appearance of teeth and has recently become highly popular. This type of laminate poses serious competition for other types of laminate because it is inexpensive and does not need surgery. Unlike other types of laminates, removable dental veneer is not therapeutic, but only serves as a cover for the teeth. Within this blog, we’ll discuss and provide information about the material and usage of removable dental veneer (RDV).

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Comparison of removable dental veneer with other types of laminate

For those that don’t know, There are a variety of laminates. Each with their own specific advantages and drawbacks. However, below are the most well-known dental laminates:

  • Removable dental veneer
  • Composite
  • Porcelain laminate and palatal veneers

Below, is a comparison between these laminates.

Removable dental veneer

Removable dental veneer is a type of retainer that can give you a beautiful smile in a few minutes. This type of laminate, which is very thin, is often made of dentistry resin, and can give you a beautiful smile without injections or tooth carving.

Removable dental veneer may resolve most problems with the appearance of the teeth, including irregularity, distance, fracture, discoloration, and deformity. However, along with all its advantages in beauty, it’s temporary and not therapeutic.


As mentioned before, there are other aesthetic-therapeutic methods for laminating the teeth, too. Composites are another method to cover the person’s teeth.. In this method, the problems of the teeth are first treated, and then, a veneer made of dental composite is placed on them. This procedure is quick and in most scenarios performed within a singular session. Additionally, the treatment is relatively inexpensive.

Porcelain laminate and palatal veneer

Porcelain laminate is a thin, long-lasting cover placed on the teeth after the treatment of dental problems. Palatal veneers are also placed on the inner surfaces of the teeth to make them look beautiful.

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Benefits of removable dental veneer

Each method of laminating teeth has certain advantages and disadvantages, and removable dental veneer is no exception. The most important benefits of this method include the following:

  • Removable dental veneer is the most suitable method for having beautiful teeth in the shortest possible time.
  • It is very easy to use and patients can use it on their own.
  • All the problems with dental appearance are solved with removable dental veneer.
  • It is used without carving teeth, injections, anesthesia, pain, bleeding, and post-dental surgery complications.
  • It is cost-effective.
  • It prevents further damage to the teeth.

Drawbacks of removable dental veneer

Any aesthetic and therapeutic procedure has certain disadvantages. Although removable dental veneer has very few and negligible drawbacks, for your information, here’s a list of them:

  • Removable dental veneer has no therapeutic value and is only used to change the appearance of teeth.
  • It is temporary and is not always possible to use.
  • May break as a result of improper use such as impact or pressure.
  • Cannot be used while sleeping.
  • Removable dental veneer is not suitable for solving problems such as decay.
  • May cause allergies to the patient wearing it.

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How is removable dental veneer placed on teeth?

The removable dental veneer is very easy to place, and patients may use it on their teeth whenever they want (other than sleep). For most scenarios, removable dental veneer will be used in the following three stages:

  1. Put the removable dental veneer in boiling water for 2 minutes until the laminate becomes soft and malleable.
  2. Remove it from the boiling water and wash it in cold water until it cools down.
  3. Press it on the outer surface of the teeth.

After placing removable dental veneer on the teeth, this laminate is fixed in its place and will not move until removed from the teeth by force.

Who is removable dental veneer suitable for?

Removable dental veneer can be suitable for all patients who suffer from dental appearance problems. An example of these are the following: discoloration, irregularities, gaps, breakage, fractures, and deformities. Note that the effect of these laminates is temporary and merely aesthetic. Therefore, they cannot suit people who suffer from problems such as root decay and tooth decay.

Removable dental veneer is the best option for people who want to have beautiful teeth in a short time and at the lowest price.

Taking care of removable dental veneer

After the placement on the teeth (RDV) removable dental veneer is fixed and does not loosen. The question often asked by its users is whether it is possible to eat with a removable dental veneer. With the removable dental veneer, patient’s can easily drink all types of drinks, but you should avoid eating hard or sticky foods as the retainer may break. Additionally, avoid eating pigmented foods and drinks such as coffee and tea because they discolor the laminate.

What do orthodontists say about removable dental veneer?

Most orthodontists do not recommend removable dental veneer as a permanent therapeutic method but may prescribe it in special cases. Orthodontists always warn patients that the removable dental veneer cannot be used for treatment. Along with higher levels of serious complications, orthodontic treatment methods must be performed.

Removable Dental Veneer FAQ

1- How long does removable dental veneer last?

The durability of removable dental veneer can vary depending on how the patient takes care of it. Depending on the type of laminate and how it is used, removable dental veneer can last 2 to 5 years.

2- What material is removable dental veneer made of?

Removable dental veneer is often made of dentistry resin that is very thin so as not to increase the volume of the teeth. Today, removable dental veneer is also made of non-toxic hypoallergenic polymers.

3- How much does a snap on smile cost?

Snap on smiles comes in different types, brands and, therefore, different prices.

4- How many colors does removable dental veneer come in?

Color variety is limited, and removable dental veneer is often manufactured in light colors.

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