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Does the orthodontic bracket stain the teeth?

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Orthodontics is one of the best treatment methods for jaw problems, malocclusion, or misaligned teeth. Visit an orthodontist to resolve these problems. Orthodontics is used to treat teeth misalignment and includes wires and brackets. Occasionally, tooth stains may develop as yellow, brown, black, or white spots in patients undergoing orthodontic treatment.

Orthodontic brackets do not cause teeth stains if appropriately used, and oral hygiene is observed during treatment. Patients can prevent tooth stains after orthodontics and teeth health can be maintained by considering a few simple tips.

Preventing tooth stains after orthodontics

Patients with orthodontics are recommended to brush their teeth after each meal. If impossible, teeth should be brushed after breakfast in the morning and before sleeping at night. If done properly, not only will it enhance your “breath smell”, but it will work towards preventing cavities, whiten, and many more benefits. However, due to orthodontics trapping all the saliva, “germs”, and food bits, their damage will greatly enhance making it more important for patients. Proper brushing can prevent unpleasant changes beneath the wires, such as staining or discoloration.

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poor oral hygiene can be removed through the following measures.

1. Teeth scaling after removing the wires; a procedure called polishing.

2. In the scenario where teeth stains are resistant to polishing, the stained areas can be filled with white material.

Therefore, it is recommended to observe the hygienic issues; this can prevent teeth discoloration. Otherwise, polishing or filling the stained area with white material can resolve the problem.

Orthodontics, stains, and decays

It should be noted that tooth decay and stains should be treated entirely before orthodontic treatment. However, if in the case where tooth decay occurs during treatment the wires will be removed, and the caries are filled. It is also recommended to treat the stains and caries before orthodontics. This provides a proper substructure on which the wires can be placed, and the orthodontist can favorably perform the treatment process.

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