The Effect Of Orthodontics On The Lips

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In today’s society, beauty is important. A perfect lip ratio is one of the most critical factors affecting face beauty. Disproportional lip ratio due to the teeth’ disorders especially the jaws, can be modified through orthodontic treatment. Orthodontics provides the best possible shape and position for the lips. Orthodontics is not limited to the teeth’ alignment but has the potential to significantly .affect the face and the lips’ shape however you like

Investigating the effect of orthodontics on the lips

In addition to radiography, the orthodontist draws hypothetical lines on a photograph of the patient’s face to accurately diagnose and examine orthodontics’ effect on the lips. To this end, a line is drawn from the chin to the nose tip; usually, the patient’s lips should overlap, be closed, and be neither recessed nor protruded. In scenarios like these, nasal factors are considered as well.

This technique provides a more detailed treatment plan for the orthodontist, determines the jaw movement during orthodontics, and helps the lips find their best position. Orthodontics improves the lip’s shape and the patient’s face soft tissue.

Lip changes after orthodontics

Predicting the effect of orthodontics on the lips according to the patient’s age

The orthodontist will predict and describe the lips’ condition, such as their recession and protrusion or their proportion in the first session to the patient seeking counselling. The treatment plan can be determined based on the jaw condition and orthodontics’ effect on the lips, and extraordinary results can be achieved.

The jaws can be easily modified in children, and their future faces and lips can be predicted through orthodontics. However, in adults, movement of the jaws requires an orthodontic appliance in conjunction with surgery. Thus, orthodontics’ effect on the lips and jaw can be predicted according to the patient’s age.

The effect of orthodontics on the lips in the recessed maxilla

In patients with a recessed maxilla and protruded mandible, the lips are uneven and unparalleled. The orthodontist will consider this disorder in the patient’s beauty and face and during the treatment process.

These patients’ lips and mouths are recessed in the profile view, and their lips are disproportional. However, after completing orthodontics on the teeth and displacing the maxilla forward and the mandible to backward, the face will be more proportional and beautiful. The lips will perfectly overlap, and their volume will be changed. As a result, it is recommended to correct the mouth, teeth, and jaw-related abnormalities before performing any cosmetic work on the lips, such as lip prosthesis or injecting gel, fat, or any other fillers into the lips, because the face soft tissue undergoes many changes during orthodontics.

Before and after the effect of orthodontics on the lips

It can be concluded that orthodontics’ effects are not limited only to the teeth; instead, the jaws are moved and, consequently, the lips are reshaped, and the patient experiences a new beauty and a unique smile.

Orthodontics has different effects on the lips in different cases

The lips may be highly protruded in some patients. In this case, the orthodontist may decide to extract some teeth or move back the crowded teeth through orthodontics. Therefore, the orthodontic treatment plan is very different according to the diversity of patients. Remember that the best time to diagnose orthodontics is before puberty. Orthodontics has the best effect on the jaw, the lips, and other parts of the face before the end of puberty. The orthodontic treatment duration will also be much shorter, and consequently, the cost of orthodontics will be lower.

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