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Orthodontics with Veneer

orthodontics with veneer

Orthodontics is a dentistry treatment where midline discrepancy and dental and jaw malocclusions can be solved. Since, orthodontics also somehow will improve the beauty of patients, it is categorized as a cosmetic treatment, as well. Orthodontics with veneer is a sort of treatment which is used in order to correct the apparent status of the fractured, cracked and stained teeth.

Is orthodontics with veneers possible?

The short answer is yes. However, due to the condition of these teeth, orthodontists would make their decision about treating them differently. A side note; it is possible veneers to be required during a treatment, however, this often happens at the end of the orthodontic treatment.

teeth whitening using veneers

Veneer is a type of substance which is formed by a dentist and then is placed over the teeth as a restoring material. This method is roughly similar to laminating, with the difference that it is less expensive than laminating. Veneers are able to hide the fractured teeth or teeth with unwanted colors, this leads to a white, healthy and straight appearance to your teeth.

Application of orthodontics with veneers

The restoring substance of veneer is used for correcting the teeth color and also for whitening them, for hiding dental fractures and cracks. The position of teeth can be corrected using fixed orthodontics; in the same direction, orthodontics can be used to arrange and set the crooked and unaligned teeth. Furthermore, it is clear that the jaw problems of patients cannot be hidden with veneering operations, so to deal with them we need to use orthodontics or orthosurgery to reach a final treatment for such disorders.

Different types of veneers

Dental veneers are found in two different types: ceramic veneers and composite resins. Ceramic veneers also known as porcelain are designed exactly like the real teeth and are placed over your teeth like a mold and covers the front side of your tooth. This mold is unique only for a single tooth and is made as a customized thing.

The composite resin is not mold form and is prepared only as a single layer which covers the tooth. This coverage is formed by the dentist to reach the form they intend. The important point is that ceramic veneers are known as laminate and its cost is almost twice the cost of composite resin.

How is orthodontics with veneers conducted?

If you have unaligned teeth, you’ll begin to have a treatment using an orthodontic set. This initializes straight and aligned teeth. At the end of tour therapy, you’ll be told that your teeth must be treated and restored with veneers. Since it is necessary that the veneer and its thick mold to be placed well on the surface of your tooth, the dentist would polish the surface of your tooth enamel to provide a smooth and even surface across all parts of your tooth. This step would be completed using local anesthesia.

Given the patient’s tooth color, shape and dimensions, the ceramic veneers are designed customarily and when both the dentist and patient are satisfied with all aspects of the tooth, it will be cleaned with some chemical cleaners and then the veneer is glued to the teeth.

dental orthodontics and a tooth that needs veneer

Dental orthodontics and a tooth that needs a veneer

Who is a good candidate for veneers?

Keep in mind that veneers are not able to treat various malocclusions. You can only use this cosmetic treatment for treating and hiding stained, fractured and cracked teeth.

Patients with gum diseases or those who have decayed teeth, need to treat their gum problems before using veneers and composite resins.

Orthodontics with Veneer FAQ

1- Which one is better, veneer or composite?

If the teeth color has been changed considerably or if you have a fractured tooth, it is recommended to use ceramic veneer (laminate), but if your dental is minor, you can use composite resin.

2- How much dental veneer would last?

If it is completed properly and without any mistake and also if high-quality materials are used, it can be a durable method. Also, following dental and oral sanitary instructions and setting a proper diet are very effective in durability of a patient’s tooth.

3- Is dental veneering forbidden during pregnancy?

No, dental veneering is a harmless method and people may use the cosmetic services of veneer in the second quarter of pregnancy; however, do not forget to make your dentist informed about your pregnancy. This is due as prescription of radiography during pregnancy is forbidden in all scenarios.

4- Does the veneer prevent tooth decay?

It is necessary to know that we cannot veneer the healthy, normal and without apparent problems because we want to protect them against decay. Thus, this restorative can be useful for preventing tooth decay of fractured and damaged teeth.

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