Appreciation of the country’s exemplary professors

celebration of best masters of country

A ceremony was held at Shahid Motahari Hall of the Central Organization of the Islamic Azad University of Iran last week to honor Iran’s exemplary professors.

This ceremony was attended by Mustafa Rostami, the Head of the Supreme Leader Representation in Universities, Dr. Mohammad Mehdi Tehranchi, the President of Islamic Azad University, Dr. Bijan Ranjbar, the Vice-President of the Islamic Azad University, Dr. Ebrahim Kalantari, the Vice-Chancellor for Cultural and Student Affairs, Dr. Alireza Manzari Tavakoli, the Vice-Chancellor for Public Vocational Education, Dr. Babak Negahdari, the Vice-Chancellor for Research, Technology, and Innovation, Dr. Javad Alamai, the Vice-Chancellor for Science, Engineering, and Agriculture, and some directors of the Central Organization of the Islamic Azad University of Iran.

In this ceremony, 14 exemplary professors of the Islamic Azad University were appreciated by awarding them a letter of commendation and some other gifts.

appreciation ceremony of Dr. Jamilian, the best orthodontist in Iran

Dr. Abdolreza Jamilian, an orthodontist, was one of two medical professors whose names were included in the list of exemplary professors and were appreciated in this ceremony.

Dr. Abdolreza Jamilian an orthodontist and exemplary professor

Dr. Abdolreza Jamilian is an orthodontist who has completed a fellowship in orthognathic surgery and maxillofacial syndromes at Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences. He is currently a full-time professor at Islamic Azad University’s Dental Faculty, Department of Orthodontics. He has published 70 papers in prestigious orthodontic scientific journals around the world (ISI and PubMed) and 14 papers in domestic scientific journals, patented 5 inventions (including two in the US), presented 37 articles in foreign international conferences and 47 articles in domestic international conferences, and lectured at specialized orthodontic congresses in the UK, Italy, Germany, Iceland, Finland, Poland, Slovenia, Spain, and Turkey. Certified by reputable Iranian and foreign (especially European) specialized orthodontic boards, Dr. Jamilian is one of the few Iranians whose names are mentioned in the Wikipedia encyclopedia.

Dr Abdolreza Jamilian Orthodontist

About Dr Abdolreza Jamilian Orthodontist

Dr. Jamilian, an orthodontist, has a specialized fellowship in orthodontic surgery and maxillofacial abnormalities and is a professor in the orthodontics department of the Dentistry School of the Islamic Azad University. He is member of Iranian and European Board of Orthodontics (EBO) and is a member of the Iranian, American and European Orthodontists Association.

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