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Harmful and useful drinks for teeth

Harmful and useful drinks for teeth

In our oral health, drinks appear frequently. With simply put two sections beneficial and harmful drinks. Whether it’s milk, soda, or fruit juice, they each have their own effects. This article pertains to the effects of the common drinks.

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Useful Drinks For Teeth

Some drinks increase teeth strength and increase the resistance of teeth. This prevents many types of possible oral problems. Moreover, regarding friendly drinks, below is a list of common, but helpful types.


Inherently interested in humans, is the most common drink of all. More importantly, water is the most vital nutrient for survival. Drinking water has crucial effects on oral health such as reducing bad breath, washing out oral harmful bacteria, and improving the salivary glands function.


Milk is a drink with a long history of use by humans. It is a calcium-rich nutritious drink. Calcium has a great effect on the strength of teeth and bones. According to dentists, drinking a glass of milk before going to bed helps not only to have a restful sleep but also to keep the teeth healthy. However, the milk sugar called lactose can negatively affect the teeth, so it is recommended to brush your teeth after drinking milk.

Green Tea

Green tea is a relaxing herbal drink with numerous properties for the human body. Green tea contains large amounts of antibacterial substances such as polyphenols and fluoride, which prevent the growth of harmful bacteria in the mouth and thus prevent bad breath. In addition, the fluoride in green tea has a significant effect on the strength of teeth.

Harmful Drinks For Teeth

In contrast to drinks with a useful effect on oral health, some common drinks have a detrimental effect on oral and teeth health, which are briefly introduced below.

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Fun fact, the human teeth are covered with a strong layer called enamel. The enamel is responsible for protection of the teeth all across. Due to its tannic acid, coffee may destroy this layer in the long-term. Destruction of the enamel will lead to teeth staining creating an unpleasant appearance.

Soft Drinks

In addition to having large amounts of carbon dioxide, soft drinks contain a large amount of sugars and some harmful acids. Soft drinks are popular but can accelerate tooth decay. In addition, the carbon dioxide gas in this drink decomposes the enamel and discolor the teeth.

Illustrates a healthy tooth that shows a decayed tooth with a magnifying glass

Energy Drinks

Energy drinks are widely used by athletes, as they can increase the body’s energy due to their high sugar and carbohydrate content. However, these sugars can affect dental health. In addition, these drinks contain many harmful acids that can destroy enamel resulting in tooth decay and discoloration.

Dental Care After Consuming Harmful Drinks

Due to their ingredients, drinks that are harmful to the teeth are often tasty and hence are popular among the general public. Avoiding coffee or soft drinks is difficult for many people. As a result, dentists advise more care after consuming these drinks. Avoid excess consumption of harmful drinks and brush and floss immediately after consuming these drinks.

In case of inaccessibility to the toothbrush or floss, drink plenty of water and brush and floss as soon as possible. Drinking large volumes of water throughout the day has a great effect on teeth health and can prevent tooth decay. In addition, drinking of teeth-friendly drinks, such as milk and green tea, has an important role in prolonging the life of teeth and increasing their strength.

Harmful And Useful Drinks For Teeth FAQ

1-Should I brush my teeth after drinking soft drinks and coffee?

It is not recommended to brush the teeth immediately after drinking soft drink and coffee, because these drinks have acidic compounds and can destroy the enamel and make the teeth more vulnerable. You can rinse your teeth with water after consuming these drinks and brush your teeth 30 minutes later.

2-Can coffee discolor the teeth?

Yes, drinking more than 2 cups of coffee a day can discolor the teeth, because coffee contains tannin, a substance that can stick to the teeth and turn them yellow.

3-How can we remove coffee stains or prevent them?

Rinse your mouth with water immediately after drinking coffee. Avoid drinking cold coffee in general. Some fruits such as strawberry and apple have malic acid which can help remove stains on the teeth. Also, do not forget regular dentist visits to prevent oral problems.

4-How can soft drink-induced tooth discoloration be eliminated?

Bleaching is the most usual treatment for tooth discoloration. Bleaching is the best way to whiten teeth without physically damaging them.

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