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How to clean a orthodontic retainer

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After completing the orthodontic treatment, the wires are removed from the teeth, then, a post-orthodontic retainer is used. The retainer minimizes the movement of the arranged teeth ,prevents tooth abnormality and misalignment. Depending on the orthodontist’s recommendation, it might be necessary for the patient to use retainers. If it is used continuously while it is not cleaned, the patient may get an infection in the gingival and oral mucous membrane. In the following, it is further explained how to clean the retainer.

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What is retainer or post-orthodontic retainer?

A retainer, so-called post-orthodontic retainer, is a removable orthodontic appliance that is used by the patient after the treatment period to keep the teeth in order. Retainers are used at the end of the orthodontic treatment and duration of its use varies depending on the orthodontist’s recommendation and patient’s condition.

Why should the orthodontic retainer be kept clean?

Retainers are used by patients every day and since it is placed in the mouth over the teeth, it could accumulate bacteria and plaque. If the orthodontic retainer gets dirty, it will not be placed properly on the teeth and will not perform its task well. Moreover, when the retainer is dirty, no matter how much the patient takes care of the teeth by observing oral and dental hygiene, it always exposes the teeth to harmful bacteria. Which causes the formation of bacterial plaque on the teeth and bad breath and makes them prone to various complications including decay and infection in the oral mucosa.

Dental retainer cleaning methods

It’s important  to regularly clean your removable retainer, and not let it get dirty. Because, it will be much more difficult to clean the retainer if it remains dirty for a long time. Also, it is better to brush your removable retainer after brushing the teeth. This prevents the formation of bacterial plaque on it. However, it is recommended to do this with a soft toothbrush, mild detergent and avoid washing the retainer with toothpaste and a hard toothbrush. The formation of plaque on the retainer, just like the formation of plaque on the teeth, causes bad breath.

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Washing the post-orthodontic retainer daily with an antibacterial solution specific for artificial teeth is another way to keep it clean. You can get this solution from all pharmacies and put your retainer inside the solution for a few minutes to hours based on the orthodontist’s recommendation.

Washing the retainer with lukewarm water and cleaning tablets makes the post-orthodontic retainer smell better and more pleasant to use. Use a soft toothbrush and mild detergent to remove small particles on the retainer. Many patients use toothpaste to wash the retainer, which could scratch it. If you wear a clear retainer, you can use a clean cotton swab to clean its deep parts.

In some cases, calcium deposit is formed on the retainer. If it is newly formed, it could be easily removed with a toothbrush and cleaning tablets available in the pharmacy. Otherwise, you should take your retainer to your orthodontist to clean it with cleaning solutions. If these calcium deposits remain on the retainer for a long time, the orthodontist may even not be able to remove them. In such a situation, the patient should get a new one.

Cleaning the retainer is like cleaning the teeth. I..e., you should use a suitable toothbrush and detergent after every meal to remove food debris.

FAQ about retainer cleaning

1-Can toothpaste be used to clean the orthodontic retainer?

No, by using toothpaste it may scratch the surface and make it unusable. This is because the toothpaste is abrasive. Use a mild detergent such as dishwashing liquid or soap to clean it.

2-How should I know what type of detergent is suitable for cleaning my orthodontic retainer?

It is better to ask your orthodontist about it, although, in most cases, using mild non-acidic and antibacterial soaps can be a good option for washing the orthodontic retainer.

3-Can I boil the orthodontic retainer to clean it?

No, you should never use boiling or very hot water to clean the orthodontic retainer. Using hot water or boiling may cause serious damage to the retainer.

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