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How to make your breath smell good

how to make your breath smell good

All of us are looking for a breath always smells good. A breath smelling good would play a very important role in our public relations. Let suppose you are the main representative of a company who is supposed to negotiate with an important potential customer. Despite your great skills in consultancy and eloquence, the potential customer would be desperate and annoyed through only the first few minutes after the meeting beginning, if your breath smells bad and they prefer to end the negotiation as soon as possible.

As you know a breath smelling good plays a key role in our daily life. It even will influence on our self-confidence. There are people who have become isolated and have enforced to avoid participating in meetings, parties, etc. because of their bad breath (halitosis) problem.

Bad breath or halitosis would be due to consuming foul-smelling foods, gastrointestinal problems and/or oral and dental diseases.

Necessary things you need to have a good-smelling breath

First of all you need to know what are necessary to have a good-smelling breath:

  • Toothbrush, tooth paste and dental floss
  • Mouth wash
  • Breath fresheners including mint tablet, aromatic gums, herbal gums, etc.
  • Useful and healthy foodstuff including vegetables and fruits

Steps to have a good-smelling breath

It is very important to know that which cares and practices are necessary to have a healthy mouth and teeth in order to find a good-smelling breath.  The following actions are necessary to achieve this goal:

Taking vegetables and fruits

Having a healthy diet will help you to have a good-smelling breath. It is very important what foodstuff you take during your daytime. Thanks to their anti-oxidant properties which disinfect mouth and teeth, taking vegetables and fruits helps considerably to clean the mouth and make the mouth smell good.

eating vegetables for bad breath

Taking fruits and vegetables help you to have a fresh breath.

On the other hand, taking substances like wines, alcoholic drinks, smokes etc. would help you to have a bad breath. In fact, using such substances pave the way for formation of a bad breath.

Using dental floss

Every person needs to brush their teeth at least three times a day after every meal. Knowing the principles for correct brushing teeth would lead to a good-smelling breath, otherwise incorrect brushing not only does not help you to have a good breath, but it also accelerates the decay of your teeth. To start, you need to use a dental floss to remove food and bacteria build-up from in-between your teeth. Following the proper dental flossing technique is very important. It is even recommended to use dental floss after taking snacks, sweets, etc.

dental flossing for good breath

Dental flossing is useful for your mouth and teeth health.

Brushing teeth

Every dental flossing must be followed by brushing the teeth. Please don’t forget that the proper technique of brushing must be through making up to down strokes. After completing the work of cleaning your teeth, it is suggested to move your brush over your tongue in order to clean your lingual papillae, as well. For cleaning your tongue, you can use a separate brush which is only for your tongue.

Using mouthwash

When your tooth brushing is finished, use a mouthwash. Mouthwash annihilates all microbes and bacteria living in your mouth. Bad breath often developed by the microbes living in people’s mouth which cause their breath stink. Please remind that after using mouthwash properly, you should prevent drinking and eating for a while in order to keep the mouthwash substance on your teeth and tongue. It is also important to remember that mouthwashes with chlorhexidine must be avoided, because chlorhexidine would change your teeth color.

use mouthwash for good breath

Using mouthwash is important for having a fresh breath.

Using breath fresheners

After brushing your teeth, using a breath freshener would help you to enjoy a fragrant and cool breath, if you decide to leave the house and participate in a party. Keep in mind that you should use natural and proper fresheners for your teeth. Using mint and or mint tablets is very helpful to make your breath fresh and good-smelling.

Quick breath fresheners

You can find quick breath fresheners in drugstores. Using a little mint or a slice of apples would make your breath fresh, if you had taken garlic or onion and want to get rid of them as soon as possible. Besides breath freshener sprays, you can buy breath freshener trips from supermarkets and pharmacies and stick them to your palate. Using mouthwashes and min tooth pastes would be helpful, too.

eating mouth freshener

Using breath fresheners is very effective in having a fresh breath at the shortest possible time.

Natural breath fresheners

Coriander seeds or the coriander as herb acts as a wonderful natural breath freshener. Likewise, taking fennel after eating usually is use to help better digestion. Cardamom acts as a fresh mouth sweeter and if your dislike its spicy taste, you can add it to your tea and fresh your breath with a nice and tasty cardamom tea, especially after eating a greasy food. Moreover, mint and clove leaves would be used as the natural and strong breath fresheners.

Some remedies to get rid of a bad-smelling stomach

To get rid of a bad-smelling stomach, you need to know what you have to eat and what you don’t have to eat. There is no doubt that taking greasy foods containing garlic and onion make your breath and stomach stink. So, to have a fresh-smelling stomach you need to avoid such feed and over-eating. Also, recent studies have confirmed that taking eggs and protein stuff excessively would produce hydrogen sulfide seven times more than the normal range. Maybe it is why bodybuilders and athletes who use excessive amount of protein stuff suffer from a bad-smelling stomach. Using natural breath fresheners also is useful to achieve a fresh-smelling stomach.

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