Tooth loosening in orthodontics

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Many people have a conscience always talking about the negatives. One of which is teeth getting loose during orthodontics. This is one of the larger issues today and trying to find solutions. When we face such an issue we automatically tend to think a lot about this matter as it gives us reasons to be worried and face other unpleasant issues. Before you face such an issue it is better to know why tooth gets loose in orthodontics.

In general, you should know that the orthodontic treatment procedure is not the sole reason behind the loosening of the teeth and often teeth are loosely based on some physiological reasons. So we cannot say that the only reason behind teeth getting loose is the orthodontic procedure. We are going to provide you with important facts about the reasons behind the loosening of teeth after an orthodontic procedure.

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The Reasons Behind Tooth Loosening in Orthodontic Procedure

Having uneven teeth can cause serious challenges for people; hence, they tend to cure and solve this issue by undergoing an orthodontic procedure. Now you should understand one fact: in the process of orthodontics, brackets are used along with certain wires that use pressure to push the teeth forward and make them look even.

In the process, teeth can have slight loosening for a short period which is physiological as well. Hence you have nothing to worry about. An important point that you should keep in mind is that this loosening of teeth does not result in the separation or fall of teeth. If the orthodontic procedure is not done correctly, then there can be issues with the roots of the teeth with is pathological which is different from that tooth loosening which is physiological in nature. On the other hand, the shortness of the root of the teeth can also be the reason behind the loosening of teeth.

In general, you should be aware that your orthodontist will know the reason behind the loosening of your teeth whether it is pathological or physiological, and will inform you to keep you alarmed and worry-free.

The Impact of Gum Disease On Tooth Loosening in Orthodontics

Gum diseases are one of the major issues and factors that can have a major impact on tooth loosening in orthodontic procedures. These diseases can often result in the gum getting sensitive and with the slightest pressure, your tooth can get loose. If you are suffering from such diseases you should visit your orthodontic specialist.

You should know that gum diseases can have other visible signs as well such as the bad odor of mouth, gums moving backwards, gums swelling, and allergies. Today these issues are also known to be periodontal and if the specialist can recognize the issue fast, then there can be solutions for it and ways to treat the issue to cure the loosening of teeth and prevent further orthodontic issues.

Tooth Loosening Due to Orthodontic Pressure

As we mentioned earlier one of the major issues behind the loosening of teeth is the pressure and wires that are caused by the brackets in the orthodontic procedure. As soon as your orthodontist realizes that the pressure is high on your teeth due to orthodontic he can reduce this pressure but keep in mind that this process can make the orthodontic procedure treatment longer for you.

So as soon as you feel that your teeth are loosening you should immediately get in touch with your specialist and take advice at the first step. With this step, you will be able to understand whether the loosening is physiological or pathological.

Anyways, your orthodontic specialist can understand your teeth condition and the reason behind this issue and find ways to solve the issue.

How to Prevent Tooth Loosening in The Orthodontic Procedure?

When we talk about tooth loosening in orthodontic procedures, the majority are busy finding ways to solve this issue. In general, you should know that the pressure that is on the teeth during the orthodontic procedure has a slight impact on teeth loosening. However, you are able to but you can prevent it with the consumption of certain food to prevent teeth and give your teeth a better condition. Consumption of vegetables, and fruits and maintaining teeth and oral hygiene can help you a lot in this process.

Tooth Loosening in Orthodontics FAQ

1- Are orthodontic brackets the reason behind tooth loosening?

No, proper orthodontic treatment done by a specialist who has good experience with the use of proper brackets is not the reason behind tooth loosening.

2- Can you undergo an orthodontic treatment procedure with the presence of a loose tooth?

Initially, the orthodontist has to examine the condition of the teeth to understand the reason behind the loosening and then proceed with the treatment.

3- Is the sense of teeth loosening normal during the orthodontic procedure?

Teeth can have slight loosening as a result of orthodontic treatment which is very common and natural in this case. Although, in some cases where the orthodontic treatment isn’t done properly due to excess pressure it can cause teeth loosening.

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