Orthodontic treatment for two front teeth

a girl how has fixed orthodontic appliances

Some people think that orthodontic treatment would be useful only when all teeth suffer from misalignment, but straightening four front teeth using orthodontic treatment had denied this misconception, as it demonstrates that an orthodontist would straighten only the misaligned teeth, without any need to relocate others, if only some, not all of your teeth, are misaligned. The good news is technological advancements and invention of state-of-the-art techniques and equipment have paved the way for using orthodontic treatment, in different ways, for managing even the most minor craniofacial disorders and abnormalities. The orthodontic treatment of front teeth would help you to enjoy a safe technique to align and straighten your teeth.

two kids with fixed orthodontics

Two kids with fixed orthodontics

Why is straightening the front teeth necessary?

The anterior teeth, particularly the upper jaw teeth, play a very effective role in your facial beauty. A beautiful smile is heavily influenced by the teeth form, especially the anterior ones. Moreover, the misaligned or protruded upper anterior teeth would lead to other adverse consequences. In general, the orthodontic treatment is advised for the anterior teeth for the following reasons:

  • Upper jaw’s protruding teeth are more vulnerable to certain risks such as punches in the face, accidents, and falling.
  • when your anterior teeth are misaligned. there is a higher chance to suffer from more pressure and damage very soon.
  • Any deviation in the anterior teeth would impose pressure to the adjacent teeth, thus the latter would be threatened by decay and other disorders as well.
  • The protruding teeth would cause problems in the natural procedure of chewing and in more serious cases would cause problems in swallowing and breathing.
  • For patients with overjet, their molar teeth will suffer from an excessive abrasion of jaw bone and teeth.
  • There are countless reasons why people come to orthodontists to correct their anterior teeth. Some mouth and teeth issues include: deformities, dysphasia, patients.

According to the reports provided by orthodontists, it is known the majority of people with dental disorders suffer from jaw problems, which are due to the impacts of teeth deviations over the dental bone tissue.

The most common anterior teeth disorders

Overjets and overbites account for most dental disorders for which people come to orthodontists. Overjets and overbites are similar, as both of them involve the upper front teeth. However, their pathologic mechanism and teeth structures are completely different through them. Both of them can be treated using specialized orthodontic treatment for the front teeth.

An overjet refers to a condition when the upper front teeth protrude outward and cover the bottom front teeth. In overjet, the upper jaw is positioned at an outward angle. It is important to know that 3-5 mm protruding of the upper front teeth is natural, but cases in which protruding is more than 5mm are called overjet. Over time, the disorder develops horizontal spaces between the upper and bottom jaws teeth.

a patient with ovejet problem

A patient with ovejet problem

The most important cause of upper teeth protruding is Mandibular Hypoplasia. Protruding teeth negatively affects facial beauty, so people try to get rid of this problem through orthodontic treatments.

For people with overbite, we see excessive overlapping of front teeth at both upper and bottom jaws, which are followed by abrasion, attrition, and damages caused by contacts between upper teeth and posterior surface of bottom teeth or gums.

Important tips on orthodontic treatment of two front teeth

If you suffer from the misalignment of your two front teeth or you have rabbit teeth  there are various techniques including orthodontic treatment, as common treatment to manage this condition.

Cost of orthodontic treatment varies depending on the patient’s condition, the chosen technique and the treatment’s duration. Since tariffs are variable, it is difficult to set a fixed cost for the orthodontic treatment of two front teeth. For a specialized consultation and more information about costs and prices of treatments, please contact the specialized orthodontic clinic of Dr. Jamilian.

Please consider the following, if in response to your orthodontist advice, you intend to start an orthodontic treatment for your two front teeth:

  • Using an OPG x-ray of your upper and lower teeth, your orthodontist finds out how they need to start the treatment of the misaligned teeth through orthodontics. They also determine the treatments approximate duration. Moreover, if apart from the orthodontics, other treatment methods are required to correct two front teeth, you would be informed in the first place.
  • You should know that doing orthodontic treatment for two front teeth does not mean that the braces and wires are only put on these two teeth; in fact, the orthodontist takes advantage of all teeth to correct the two front teeth and they place the braces on all teeth.
  • The orthodontic treatment duration of two front teeth depends on various factors including malocclusion degree of teeth, patient’s age, health condition of jaw and the adjacent teeth, etc.
  • Sometimes, other accessory methods are needed during correcting two front teeth using orthodontic treatment, which will be decided within treatment duration.
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Dr. Jamilian, an orthodontist, has a specialized fellowship in orthodontic surgery and maxillofacial abnormalities and is a professor in the orthodontics department of the Dentistry School of the Islamic Azad University. He is member of Iranian and European Board of Orthodontics (EBO) and is a member of the Iranian, American and European Orthodontists Association.

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