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What is Damon orthodontics?

what is damon orthodontics

Those seeking orthodontic treatments must have heard about different orthodontic methods such as fixed orthodontics (using archwires and brackets) and invisible orthodontics (Invisalign). Because of the pressure applied to teeth by brackets and the long duration of the treatment, it would be difficult and exhausting for patients, especially children, to continue fixed orthodontic treatments to the end. Invisible orthodontics is not much pleasant to patients because such orthodontic appliances are not also removable. Here I introduce a new method of orthodontics recommended by most eminent orthodontists.
Studies conducted by eminent orthodontists show that there is another orthodontic method, called Demon orthodontics, that provides greater convenience and beauty for patients. In this orthodontic procedure, archwires are not connected to brackets using elastics, rather, these two components are connected by a self-ligating mechanism. These brackets not only provide more convenience for patients but also help them to maintain better oral hygiene.

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Advantages of Damon orthodontics

Orthodontists believe that Damon orthodontics has many advantages over fixed orthodontics and even Invisalign orthodontics. Some of these advantages are discussed below:

  1. The first and most obvious feature of Damon orthodontics is the beautiful appearance it brings for patients; the brackets used in Damon orthodontics do not include elastics, and thus give a more beautiful and pleasant smile to patients.
  2. It is sometimes claimed that the duration of Damon orthodontics is slightly shorter than that of traditional orthodontic treatments. However, this claim has not been yet scientifically proven in academic books and orthodontic references.
  3. Studies have shown that patients undergoing Damon orthodontics need to visit their orthodontists less frequently for periodic checkups. This is, therefore, a very suitable treatment for people with a hectic working schedule.
  4. The brackets used in Damon orthodontics apply less pressure to teeth and make patients suffer less pain during the treatment.
  5. There is less friction between teeth and self-ligating brackets used in Damon orthodontics. This is maybe why the duration of Damon orthodontics is claimed to be shorter than that of traditional orthodontic treatments in which metal brackets are used.
  6. Experienced orthodontists argue that the brackets used in Damon orthodontics provide less space for the penetration of bacteria and germs, reducing the risk of tooth decay and dental caries.
  7. As another advantage, Damon orthodontics can lead to excellent therapeutic results in patients with severe malocclusions.

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Disadvantages of Damon orthodontics

As you know, none of the orthodontic methods are good or flawless. Damon orthodontics has its disadvantages, one of the most important of which is its higher cost than orthodontic procedures using traditional brackets.

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Dr. Jamilian, an orthodontist, has a specialized fellowship in orthodontic surgery and maxillofacial abnormalities and is a professor in the orthodontics department of the Dentistry School of the Islamic Azad University. He is member of Iranian and European Board of Orthodontics (EBO) and is a member of the Iranian, American and European Orthodontists Association.

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