What are the modern orthodontics methods?

what are the modern orthodontics methods

Due to the remarkable development and advancement of orthodontic treatments in recent decades, it possible for patients and orthodontists to achieve the desired results. These advanced methods and new techniques can easily treat most dental and oral diseases.

Invisible orthodontics one of the best techniques of modern orthodontics

Transparent retainers are among the best alternatives to fixed orthodontic appliances (i.e., brackets and archwires). Most patients undergoing orthodontic treatments prefer to use less visible orthodontic appliances. Accordingly, adult patients and those working and living in certain social situations prefer to be treated by invisible orthodontics.

invisible orthodontic image with tooth-colored ceramic bracket which is one of the new orthodontic methods

Transparent retainers are invisible orthodontic appliances gradually moving teeth to return to their natural position. Invisible orthodontics has become increasingly popular among orthodontic treatments. Transparent retainers, which are made entirely of transparent plastics, are difficult to notice when placed on teeth.

Removability is among the main advantages of transparent retainers; therefore, patients can remove them when eating something and maintain good oral hygiene. However, it is noteworthy that transparent retainers should be placed on teeth at least 20 h a day to produce the desired therapeutic result.

Mini-screw (temporary anchorage device) and modern orthodontics

Mini-screws or mini-implants are among the appliances causing fundamental changes in orthodontic treatments. In some cases, the orthodontist may decide to move a particular tooth without displacing other teeth. This procedure, called orthodontic anchorage, helps the orthodontist move one or more teeth without displacing other teeth. The mini-implants inserted into the bone cannot move like natural teeth and can be used as a support or lever.

An orthodontic mini-screw can be used to correct the position of teeth, close the gap between teeth, align teeth, treat open crossbites, and correct malocclusions.

mini-screw is one of the modern orthodontic methods

Damon orthodontics a modern orthodontic technique

Damon orthodontics can considerably reduce the duration of the orthodontic treatment. These transparent plastic or metal brackets are self-closing and equipped with a valve. In Damon orthodontics, the brackets are automatically opened and closed. This orthodontic method considerably reduces the friction between teeth and facilitates their movement towards the correct position. Furthermore, patients receiving Damon orthodontic treatments do not need to visit an orthodontist for periodic checkups at short intervals. Damon brackets have a more pleasant appearance than traditional ones (invisible or transparent types of Damon brackets are also available). This system of brackets causes very little pain to the patient. Studies conducted by experienced orthodontists have shown that patients who received Damon orthodontics suffered less pain during the treatment than those who used traditional brackets.

Dr. Jamilian’s patent a revolution in modern orthodontics

Dr. Abdolreza Jamilian has patented 13 critical inventions in the US in recent years that have contributed significantly to modern orthodontics. The maxilla’s slow growth, known as Class-III malocclusions, is one of the most prevalent complaints of patients undergoing orthodontic treatments. Such malocclusions have been traditionally treated by using facemasks. Due to the difficulty and problems with orthodontic facemasks, most patients would give up the treatment or use this appliance on an irregular basis. Dr. Abdolreza Jamilian, an Iranian inventor and researcher, invented a small intraoral appliance (patented in the US). Inspired by orthodontic mini-screws, patients with Class-III malocclusions can easily use this new invention to achieve the most favorable therapeutic results.

Dr Abdolreza Jamilian Orthodontist
About Dr Abdolreza Jamilian Orthodontist

Dr. Jamilian, an orthodontist, has a specialized fellowship in orthodontic surgery and maxillofacial abnormalities and is a full-time professor in the orthodontics department of the Dentistry School of the Islamic Azad University. He is member of Iranian and European Board of Orthodontics (EBO) and is a member of the Iranian, American and European Orthodontists Association.

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