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Front tooth decay treatment

Front tooth decay treatment

The decay of our front teeth is a horrendous painful experience, along with discomfort for patients. It also endangers the patient’s health,scratches their appearance and beauty. Human beings have eight incisors, which are located in the premaxilla above (4 incisors) and on the mandible below (4 incisors). They appear first at around 6 to 8 months and not only play a key role in eating foods, they are also very important in terms of having a proportionate smile design. The corrective procedure conducted in this area of the mouth is very important. If you want a baby with a beautiful smile, you can achieve this goal only by preventing tooth decay, especially the decay of incisors. In this article, we will explain how dentists address decay and cavities.

front tooth decay

Filling, A Proper Treatment for Decay Of Front Teeth

The most common method which dentists would use to treat the cavities and decays, even for the incisor teeth. When it comes to filling, most people would think about amalgam, which is seen easily. Yet, dentists use filing materials which are the same color of tooth for filling and treating the incisor tooth decay. These filling materials let you have a beautiful smile, even after treatment.

Treatment of Severe front Tooth’s Decay

In cases when the incisor tooth is decayed severely and the decay has reached the root of the tooth, only filling the tooth with the restorative materials the same color as the tooth does not solve the problem. Given the extent of decay, particularly at the root area, and also other factors, an appropriate treatment must be selected. In such cases, usually two treatment techniques can be used. In the first technique, first of all, the root is treated and then the appearance of the tooth is restored with a crown (veneer). It is recommended that a crown is used for the incisor tooth, which is exactly the same color as the other teeth and it should not be brighter or duller than the natural teeth of patients.

Another technique is using dental implants. This technique is recommended when the gum tissue is healthy, and the incisor tooth decay is at a level so severe that the extraction of the tooth must be followed. After extracting the tooth, the implant is then installed in the jaw bone, other compartments, and finally the crown, which is the same color of your natural tooth, is placed there; so, the lost tooth is replaced by a new one.

How to Prevent the Front Tooth Decay?

Although there are several ways to treat the rotten tooth, it is better to avoid them through following the preventive tasks. The most important and most effective measure in this case, is getting regular dental examinations. This simple measure can provide your baby with a beautiful smile and healthy teeth. Everyone, even one-year-old children, need to visit a dentist to perform periodic examinations and to analyze their teeth every six months once.

Another tip is observing the sanitary tips and keeping our teeth clean. You can clean your baby’s teeth with a finger toothbrush and when your kid becomes old enough, teach them to brush their teeth twice a day in order to keep their teeth healthy.

Also, using tooth floss to take out the food particles stuck between the teeth and using mouthwash are very important in preventing formation of plaques and tooth decay, especially the incisor teeth decay. As sweet foods and beverages play a key role in the acceleration of decay of our teeth, we have to use them very rarely in order to be able to keep our teeth, especially our incisors, safe and healthy.

Fluoride Therapy and Its Role in Preventing front Tooth Decay

Fluoride therapy is a way to prevent decay of an incisor tooth. Fluoride therapy can be done by health experts in schools within a short time and without imposing any sort of pain to children. Also, Fluoride therapy can be done in the personal medical offices. Following the above-mentioned tips and also emphasizing the observation of oral and dental hygiene hints, we can avoid cavities and decay, especially in our incisors and keep our teeth healthy and to avoid hefty expenses to treat them.

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