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What Can We Do If Tooth Dressing is Damaged?

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“What can we do if our tooth dressing falls or is damaged?” is a question everybody wants to know the answer to after their tooth surgeries, because sometimes for some reason, the temporal dressing of the tooth falls and we need to find a way to fix it again.

You need to visit your dentist to get it fixed as soon as possible, if your tooth dressing falls out. However, if you have no access to your dentist in no time, you can follow the instructions we provide here in order to prevent any potential tooth infection and damage to your tooth. The tooth dressing is something temporary and can be used for a month, at most. So, falling out of dressing would be natural at this time, if the necessary care is not considered and followed. The necessary measures must be carried out as soon as possible when it occurs, because it would lead to tooth infection.

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Tooth dressing

Tooth infection is one of the most common problems caused by dressing removal or fall out. Dentists often use dental dressing following denervation and root canal treatment or other different reasons. For instance, for people who need to fill their tooth, it’s impossible to do that only in a single session, thus, in such cases, orthodontists need to use tooth dressing in order to pave the way for the next measures.

How To Take Care Of The Dental Dressing If It Falls Off?

As pointed out already in this article, tooth dressing is used for different reasons; as it helps us to prepare the tooth for the next stages.

  •  In cases in which dental pains are immensely severe, tooth dressings can be used. It alleviates the pain and paves the way for complete recovery. The key point on tooth dressing which helps you to prevent dressing falling is observing oral and dental hygiene instructions. So, if your tooth dressing falls off, you can wash your mouth and take care of it as follows:
  • During this time, correct tooth brushing and using tooth floss and mouthwash properly are recommended. It is necessary to remind you that you need to brush and floss your teeth in this condition carefully and slowly.

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  • Chew your food with the teeth at the other side of your mouth which is free from tooth dressing. Avoid exactly the stiff and sticky foods, because they make your tooth dressing loose and even fall off. In most cases of tooth dressing a type of painkiller is used which can alleviate the pain considerably. When your dressing falls off, you need to avoid chewing foods with the side whose dressing has been damaged.
  • Be careful to avoid biting your tongue or the inside surface of your mouth. It could happen while eating or talking to you. If the tooth dressing has fallen off, you may have insulted the inside surface of your mouth unconsciously.

The following cares and measures are necessary in case your tooth dressing falls off, they help you to block penetration of any debris into the tooth cavities.

Why Is Tooth Dressing Necessary?

Dentists use tooth dressing for different reasons, but it is a makeshift remedy and they need to find serious and permanent treatments. For instance, in cases when people suffer from severe pains, tooth dressing can be used to alleviate the pain after cleaning the rotten tooth area; however, it is a temporary remedy and your dentist needs to take necessary and proper measures in order to treat your rotten tooth.

In dental surgeries, dentists often take advantage of tooth dressing to cover the tooth pulp, because the pulp in question is exposed to the air and would become more vulnerable. In most cases, the dentist fails to do anything else without the help of tooth dressing, because the latter paves the way for the next treatments.

The tooth which is painful and suffers from more infections is not ready for the necessary measures. In such cases, dentists use tooth dressing and even prescribe a certain dose of antibiotics in order to pave the way for the next measures.

What Can We Do If Tooth Dressing is Damaged FAQ

1- How do we need to take care Of our tooth dressing?

To take care of tooth dressing, the following tips are better to be observed: brush your teeth two times a day; use tooth floss; avoid chewing your food with the side which has dressing; avoid chewing gum and eating stiff as well as sticky foods.

2- How to brush or floss our teeth, if our tooth dressing fell off?

The most important tip needs to be considered while brushing and flossing is that these actions must be done slowly and carefully. Use soft brushes and try to extract food debris out of the rotten area; it prevents harm from being gathered there and makes the infection worse. Again, while flossing your teeth you need to be very careful and when you want to take it out, it is recommended to pull it from the sides instead of pulling it up.

3- How can we protect our teeth when we chew food?

Avoid chewing food with the side of your mouth which has dressing. Avoid taking certain foods during the time your teeth have dressing. Stiff and crispy foods like nuts, chewing chocolates and toffees and chewing gums are among this group of foods, because they stick to your teeth and generate a severe pain via touching the tooth nerve.

4- What are home treatments for when our tooth dressing falls off?

Rinse your mouth with the warm water. For this purpose, don’t use cold or hot water. Also, avoid mouthwash, this is due, since it generates a severe headache. Finally, visit your dentist to fix your teeth as soon as possible.

5- Is it possible to put back the dressing after it fell off?

Please do not try to put back the dressing after it left your mouth by yourself. The best work is to visit a dentist ASAP. Thus, avoid doing it by yourself.

6- If our dressing fell off and your tooth got infected?

If the dressing fell off and the tooth got infected as the result of failing to follow dental and oral hygiene instructions, we need to start root canal therapy.

7- In cases where we have no access to a dentist, what do we need to do with a fell dressing?

You need to keep the place clean until you visit a dentist, because only a dentist can replace it properly.

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