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Milk teeth

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There is a misconception about primary teeth that they are temporary and will be dropped, so they do not need to be restored or denervated if they have caries, pain, or abscess.

In contrast, primary teeth play a vital role in a child’s life, such as chewing food, proper growth, speaking, beauty, and self-confidence. They also act as a natural space maintainer for permanent teeth and help the permanent teeth to grow at the right time in the right place. Early loss of primary teeth may result in a small maxillary arch length, leading to irregular permanent teeth that will grow a few years later.

This may cause the child to need complex and costly orthodontic and maxillofacial treatments to correct these problems in the future. Therefore, primary teeth should be preserved until they normally drop at the proper age.

milk teeth

The teeth should be cleaned after feeding infants with breast milk or pasteurized milk; otherwise, it can cause tooth decay. As the most critical function, healthy teeth improve nutrition.

In addition to nutrition, primary teeth also affect permanent teeth growth.

Premature extraction of a primary tooth can cause dental malformations in children and interfere with permanent teeth’ proper placement.

On the other hand, a toothache can result in some limitations.

For example, eating foods such as meat or sweets may cause tooth pain in some children, and hence they avoid eating them and do not receive the necessary nutrients.

A healthy mouth and healthy teeth are essential for healthy nutrition to provide adequate growth. Healthy primary teeth also play an important role in beauty and speech.

table of time and age of growth and fall of children's teeth

The effect of iron drops on milk teeth decay

Most mothers ask this question. Iron drops do not cause decay, but they blacken the decayed teeth or the teeth that will decay due to enamel disorder.

Mothers should pay attention to the number of blackened teeth after giving iron drops. For example, if four teeth are turned black, and the rest do not, iron drops are not the cause of teeth blackening, because if iron drops are the cause of teeth blackening, all teeth should have turned black, not the few decayed teeth that are out of sight.

A common type of caries occurs in the upper front teeth due to feeding with breast milk and pasteurized milk, especially night milk.

The best time to use a toothbrush for children

Immediately after feeding, mothers should rinse the babies’ mouth, give them water, or clean their teeth with gauze and cotton to clean the milk sugar from the teeth and prevent tooth decay.

Tooth brushing should be started as the first tooth erupt, beginning with a finger toothbrush and gradually turning to toothbrush and toothpaste.

It is recommended to see a pediatric dentist with the first tooth eruption and then every four months to examine the teeth in terms of caries.

Undoubtedly, oral health and periodical dental controls are beneficial for children’s health.

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