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The Effect Of Smoking On Orthodontic Treatment

تاثیر سیگار بر درمان ارتودنسی

It’s known throughout the world that smoking and misuse of other drugs gets followed by many complications and problems for your general health. However, not only that, but it’s detrimental for oral and dental health. It is necessary to note that the effect of smoking on teeth during orthodontic treatment will be more intensive than its effect on teeth in normal condition. In this article, we will discuss the relationship between smoking and orthodontic treatment.

Negative effects of smoking on teeth during orthodontic treatment

Cigarettes contain a great deal of nicotine, which is a detrimental substance for our body. Regarding cigars, it’s clear they have negative effects, both famous and infamous. Nicotine can damage the oral tissue and bring about some irrecoverable problems. Additionally, another side-effect is dry mouth and declined saliva secretion. However, it doesn’t stop there as the declined saliva leads for bacteria to grow easier and faster. In the same direction, smoking would weaken the orthodontic treatment trend considerably. For example, if an orthodontic treatment would take two years for someone, smoking would extend this period for one more year.

سیگار و دندان

a tooth and a cigar

The most important effects of smoking on mouth and teeth during orthodontic treatment are as follows:

  • Gingivitis and gum diseases.
  • Yellowish and stained teeth, (especially where brackets are).
  • Formation of plaques around and behind teeth.
  • Bad breath.
  • A slow-down orthodontic treatment trend.
  • An increasing need to visit a dentist and orthodontist for conducting secondary treatment methods.

Complications caused by smoking during orthodontic treatment

The instructions and necessary care relating towards a treatment for a patient is specific and should not be messed around with.
As in a scenario where a patient had been smoking during treatment, there are side effects, complications, and necessary additional treatments for the patient to undergo.
Given the problems and complications people have, the useful treatment methods would vary. For instance, if smoking during orthodontic treatment has caused stains around brackets, your orthodontist may decide to start dental scaling and bleaching for you. Please keep in your mind that the diagnosis and opinion of your orthodontist on determining the treatment method for removing the complications caused by smoking during orthodontic treatment must be prioritized.

خانمی در حال سیگار کشیدن با دندان های آسیب دیده

a woman smoking cigar with yellow teeth

Effect Of Smoking On Orthodontic Treatment FAQ

1. Does smoking during orthodontic treatment loosen the functional appliances and brackets?

Cigarettes contain poisons and chemicals which bring gingivitis and gum infections. In such conditions, the gums may become bigger, which stimulates them to bleed and finally it will result in loose teeth, which in turn may negatively affect the function of orthodontic appliances.

2. Can smoking during orthodontic treatment cause the orthodontic appliance opaque?

Smoke and chemicals in cigarettes may change the color of teeth and make them opaque. It not only is important in terms of aesthetical aspects, but also it can negatively affect the function of your orthodontic appliance.

3. Does smoking during orthodontic treatment cause gum recession?

Yes, smoking can cause chronic gingivitis, which in turn would lead to gum recession in the long term. It is while, orthodontics per se somehow may stimulate gum recession, so smoking during orthodontics may increase this possibility and to accelerate gum recession process.

4. Is there any potential relationship between gum bleeding during orthodontic treatment and smoking?

Yes, for this reason, smoking decreases the blood flow to our body tissues including gums, so, when your orthodontist applies some pressure to your gums, since they have low amounts of blood, they will experience inflammation, bleeding and other gum diseases.

5. How can complications caused by smoking during orthodontics be prevented?

Because of the undesirable effect of smoking on oral and dental health and making the orthodontic treatment, both dentists and orthodontists ask their patients to quit smoking at least during their orthodontic treatment.

6. Is hookahing detrimental during orthodontic treatment?

Smoking and hookahing cause dry mouth and declined saliva, which in turn stimulate tooth decay, plaque formation and development of various dental infections. Since, any element causing dental decay during orthodontic treatment will disturb the treatment trend, so, hookahing will have an undesirable effect on orthodontic treatment, as well.

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