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Chin Deviation Orthodontics

before and after of chin deviation orthodontics

Asymmetry of a person’s face, at the sight of the lower jaw or symphysis, is called mandibular deviation. An elite orthodontist is able to design the patient’s therapeutic template based upon his/her particular state. The causes for mandibular deviation includes: Temporomandibular joint disorders, skeletal anomalies, and a history of trauma to the face.

There are a variety of causes that could start mandibular deviation. It can be inherited or acquired. If jaw fractures heal disproportionately, acquired jaw deviation follows. Sometimes, muscles on one side of the face weaken and jaw deviation occurs at the same side. If the patient suffers from posterior cross-bite, and misses treatment, it can lead to jaw deviation.

chin deviation orthodontics treatment

Chin deviation orthodontics treatment

Orthodontic treatment for mandibular Deviation

Treatments for mandibular deviation during childhood include the following: posterior cross-bite correction via orthodontic, and the use of functional hybrid devices.

Provided that jaw deviation is diagnosed in time during childhood, orthodontic treatment for mandibular deviation is possible. Keep in mind that orthodontic treatment alone cannot correct jaw deviation after puberty and concurrent surgical treatment will be necessary. In this situation, orthosurgery will be performed under the processor orthodontist’s supervision.

Therefore, a child’s mandibular deviation treatment must begin at the diagnosis, and before puberty, so the patient will not need surgery and ortho surgery in adulthood. The cost and duration of the treatment will also be significantly reduced.

Steps of Surgical Orthodontic Correction of Mandibular Deviation

Patients with jaw deviation are first examined by an orthodontist, then by a maxillofacial surgeon. After Incumbent Imaging to identify the degree of deviation and the underlying causes, the orthodontist presents the sufficient therapeutic template. Orthodontic correction of mandibular deviation should be performed beforehand, this is to prepare the jaw, and teeth for surgery. This type of orthodontic correction is very distinct from ordinary ones. After orthodontic correction of mandibular deviation, mandibular bone surgery is performed for jaw symmetry and modification. Bone graft might be used in this technique.

before and after of chin deviation surgery

Before and after of chin deviation surgery

Surgical Correction of Mandibular Deviation

If orthodontic correction of mandibular deviation is performed by best orthodontists, it will aid the following surgery and postoperative recovery. A short orthodontic course is necessary for treatment completion.

Therefore, note that you should visit an elite and experienced orthodontist for mandibular deviation correction. And, start the treatment before puberty to avoid jaw surgery and ortho surgery.

Chin deviation orthodontics FAQ

1-Will jaw deviation be corrected via orthodontic and without the need for surgery?

Luckily, orthodontics is a constantly progressive course. An elite orthodontist is able to correct jaw deviation via orthopedic maxillofacial treatments before puberty, and without the need for surgery. And amazing therapeutic results are to be expected.

2-Does orthodontic treatment help jaw deviation correction?

Yes, Orthodontic Treatment is heavily advised in order to correct teeth and jaws malalignment before puberty. Although, note that correcting a weak or receding chin is not always conceivable via orthopedic treatments.

3-Does orthodontic correction of jaw deviation alter the shape of the face?

Orthodontic treatment before puberty and orthodontics treatment plus surgery is used to correct jaw deviation after puberty, it will absolutely add alterations and desired authenticities to the face.

4-Will orthodontic correction of jaw deviation only straighten the teeth?

No, orthodontic treatment is and has science with technology much beyond straightening teeth/tooth. When teeth and jaws are aligned, the brackets will have a positive effect on your facial features. Jaws bone movement is possible via orthodontic devices, pre-puberty.

5-Is concurrent orthodontics and surgery suggested for jaw deviation correction?

Taking into consideration that orthodontic and surgery can be complementary, the two will give you appealing looks. Although if you proceed with the treatment at a younger age, further jaw and chin surgery will not be necessary.

6-Is jaw deviation inherited or acquired?

Lower jaw deviation is usually acquired and happens as a result of a malalignment after bone fracture. But some newborns have jaw deviation at birth. In said situations, parents are advised to take their child to an elite orthodontist at the age of 8 or 9 years.

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