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Everything about electric toothbrushes

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We all know that it is very important how to brush our teeth; applying excessive pressure to the teeth and gums while brushing endangers its health. While a basic toothbrush can be used to maintain good oral hygiene, it is preferable to use an electric ones. The electric toothbrush plays an effective role in removing dental plaque for its smooth, regular, and high-speed motions.

How to use an electric toothbrush

In order to use an electric toothbrush, it should be placed on the last tooth to slowly move forward. It’s better to put it at a 70-degree angle with gum. As they do the teeth cleaning automatically, there is no need to apply pressure or move the toothbrush while brushing teeth.

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Who should use an electric toothbrush more frequently?

Those undergoing orthodontic treatments need to use an electric toothbrush more than anyone else. Another group that should use an electric toothbrush consists of people who cannot completely clean their interdental spaces with a simple toothbrush. Although studies have shown that simple and electric toothbrushes can clean interdental spaces almost the same. If you brush your teeth when you are tired and sleepy, you may apply less pressure to a simple toothbrush or fail to focus on the regular movement of the toothbrush on your teeth. In such cases, an electric toothbrush can effectively clean your teeth.

It is also advised that children use an electric toothbrush to thoroughly clean their teeth to avoid the accumulation of dental plaque. Brushing the teeth with them is the most effective choice for children who are not yet familiar with or qualified enough to clean their teeth on their own, as well as for children with disabilities.

Advantages of electric toothbrushes

Electric brushes may encourage people to pay more attention to their oral and dental hygiene because of their ease of use and more attractive appearance. Here are some benefits of them.

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The higher speed of tooth brushing

A simple toothbrush is never comparable to an electric one in the speed of cleaning the teeth. The bristles of an electric toothbrush easily clear dental plaque and dental deposits and properly clean all dental surfaces.

Easy tooth brushing

It is very easy to brush your teeth with an electric toothbrush and do not need to make much effort to clean teeth and oral cavity. Just place the head of the toothbrush on your teeth at the right angle and turn the device on to completely and thoroughly clean your teeth.

People with pain and arthritis in their hands, as well as those with physical disabilities, may benefit from using an electric toothbrush to maintain their oral hygiene easily.

Deep teeth cleaning

According to studies on the performance of electric toothbrushes, the rotating-vibrating motions of the electric ones result in deep cleaning of the teeth and the space between them. One of the best benefits of electric toothbrushes is that their bristles can clean both dental surfaces and interdental spaces.

Removal of dental stains

Considering the food consumed by people and coffee, coke, tea and etc such as those containing caffeine nowadays cause tooth stains. Electric toothbrushes can effectively clean and remove dental stains by their high speed and strength and prevent teeth from yellowing.

Mouth fragrance

As you know, the primary cause of bad breath is the deposition of bacteria and dental plaque inside the oral cavity. Brushing your teeth with a proper toothbrush will clean and clear all of these dental bacteria and plaque. Electric toothbrushes have the advantage of cleaning even the last areas of the mouth and removing any traces of dental bacteria and plaque. Therefore if you have a desire of having a fresh mouth, you can gain it by having an electric toothbrush.

Orthodontics and electric toothbrush

One of the most critical orthodontic treatment steps  is to take proper care of the brackets and maintain good oral hygiene. That’s why many orthodontists usually recommend using an electric toothbrush for this purpose. The presence of archwires on teeth makes it difficult to properly and thoroughly clean teeth and remove dental plaque, as a result, food particles can accumulate beneath the brackets.

An electric toothbrush usually vibrates at a high rate to clean and remove dental plaque and dirt so that no sign of them remains. They are necessary for tooth brushing after orthodontic procedures because they have a pressure sensor and soft bristles.

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