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Side Effects Of Smile Design Correction

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One of the most significant factors influencing your facial beauty is your smile. According to studies, a beautiful smile will improve your influence, self-confidence and self-esteem. Therefore, many people will try procedures including dental laminating, orthodontics, or bleaching to improve the appearance of their smile.

Given the expense of smile design correction and the unfamiliarity with the common procedures for this purpose, the majority of people visit dentists who are not specialized in orthodontics and specifically smile design correction to correct their smile design. This leads to complications during or after the treatment, the most important being tooth decay and periodontal disease. Which may be managed by visiting a renowned orthodontist. Within this blog we will discuss through the most serious complications of smile design correction.

What Do We Mean By Smile Design Correction Side Effects?

The clients undergoing smile design correction procedures may face the following problems after a while. As mentioned earlier, tooth decay is the most important complication of smile design correction. Other potential risks include tooth discoloration, tooth sensitivity, periodontal disease, and other oral health problems. Prominent orthodontists have studied the causes of each complication. In the following, the most common smile design correction complications will be explained.

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Side Effects Of Dental Laminates For Smile Design Correction

To align the teeth properly during smile design correction with dental laminates, a layer of the tooth enamel must be removed. Trimming the enamel weakens the teeth, as the enamel is integral for maintaining its strength. After the enamel is removed, the teeth will be covered with special dental veneers. If the veneers are of poor quality and strength, or if they are exposed to food debris or oral bacteria for any reason, the teeth will be sensitive to cold and hot temperatures and later on, leads to a variety of problems.

Side Effects Of Orthodontic Treatments For Smile Design Correction

Orthodontics offers the most common methods of smile design correction. If the orthodontic correction of smile design is done by less experienced orthodontists, it can cause many oral problems, the most serious of which is periodontal disease. In this regard, other side side effects of orthodontics include tooth yellowing and decay not caused by orthodontic brackets and archwires but poor oral hygiene. When you have orthodontic brackets on your teeth, food debris can easily get stuck beneath and between them, allowing bacteria to grow. To avoid such complications, you should practice good oral hygiene.

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Side Effects Of Dental Bleaching For Smile Design Correction

Dental bleaching is the application of strong whitening materials to the teeth. It is important to note that only experienced dental healthcare professionals should perform the full bleaching and work with such chemicals, as the tooth enamel could be drastically weakened otherwise. The weakening of the tooth enamel could cause tooth hypersensitivity or other serious problems.

Minimizing Smile Design Correction Side Effects

As mentioned, the potential side effects of smile design correction may be reduced by practicing important details. The first step is to find the best orthodontist or oral health experts for this operation. Correcting the smile design with the right methods and high-quality materials will significantly reduce the incidence of many types of complications. Try to pay attention to the experience and expertise of the dentists instead of different promotions, discounts, lower prices and inexperienced dentists’ advertisements.
In addition, be aware that it is immensely important to follow hygiene tips, especially the oral hygiene tips. Both during the treatment and after, you must take special care of your teeth. By following these tips, the complications of smile design correction may be reduced.

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Dr. Jamilian, an orthodontist, has a specialized fellowship in orthodontic surgery and maxillofacial abnormalities and is a professor in the orthodontics department of the Dentistry School of the Islamic Azad University. He is member of Iranian and European Board of Orthodontics (EBO) and is a member of the Iranian, American and European Orthodontists Association.

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