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Toothpaste produced with Green tea extract

toothpaste produced with Green tea extract

Many people avoid drinking very cold or very hot beverages because they can sensitize their teeth. If you are one of such people, you can wait for the launch of green tea flavored toothpaste. Such toothpaste can reduce the sensitivity of your teeth, relieve dental pains, and prevent tooth decay in the long run.

According to Fartaknews, tooth decay is often the most common cause of toothache or dental discomforts. The toothpaste brands that are currently on the market do not exert long-lasting effects on sensitive teeth. It had been previously reported that a phytochemical existing in herbal tea can fight a type of bacterium that can cause tooth decay.

green tea extract and a tooth

Toothpaste Green tea extract for tooth sensitivity

Researchers at Wuhan University in China used nano-hydroxyapatite and a green tea extract called epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) to fight oral bacteria and improve sensitive teeth. These two substances seem to be able to eliminate the mutants of Streptococcus mutant bacteria and those producing destructive biofilms. These substances were then mixed with silica mineral nanoparticles, and the resulting mixture was applied to the surface of wisdom teeth. The results indicated that this formulation was able to stick to the dentin, released EGCG for at least 96 hours, protected teeth against abrasion caused by tooth brushing, and presented the formation of bacterial biofilms. Moreover, the tested mixture was negligibly toxic.

The green tea compounds can also make the breath naturally fresh and pleasant. To the best of our knowledge, the catechins existing in green tea, including EGCG, have many benefits for oral health; they can reduce the adhesiveness of sweet foods, which contain acid-producing substances that speed up the process of tooth decay. The antibacterial properties of catechins reduce the growth of bacteria that cause tooth decay and bad breath. This chemical can also eliminate the odor of sulfur and bring you natural and fresh breath. It is noteworthy that the findings of this new study add to our knowledge about the effects of green tea on oral hygiene.

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