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Take Care of Invisible Orthodontic Appliances

take care of invisible orthodontics

If you care about the beauty of your smile and want to have beautiful teeth, orthodontists will recommend orthodontics as a very practical method. Different types of orthodontics are available and used according to the patient’s problem in different ways. Invisible orthodontics is a good solution for patients with normal to moderate tooth misalignment. Generally, when the orthodontic treatment starts, more attention should be paid to dental hygiene than before, because of an increase in the risk of tooth decay and discoloration as well as gum inflammation due to the presence of a foreign object in the mouth during this period. Furthermore, patients should know how to care invisible orthodontics and keep the oral environment clean in order for the successfully completion of the orthodontic treatment.


According to orthodontists, an aligner is placed on the teeth in invisible orthodontics which should be used by patients for up to 3 months 24 h a day. The already decayed teeth can be aggravated and gum problems can be developed if the hygiene is not respected. Therefore, the orthodontic and oral health tips should be observed during the day, especially after eating each meal.

Dental care during invisible orthodontics

After any orthodontic treatment, the patients are taught about caring of orthodontics. Invisible orthodontics should be removed while brushing. You should provide some tools for maintaining orthodontics, including a soft toothbrush. Never apply pressure on the teeth during brushing, and brush gently. Gums are also more sensitive during this period; therefore, brush more carefully. Make sure that the back of your teeth and gums are properly cleaned. Use instructional videos to learn correct brushing or ask your orthodontist to teach you.
Use a fluoride-containing toothpaste to clean the teeth and the oral environment from bacteria and plaques. Despite cleaning the surface of the teeth, toothbrushes do not easily clean the space between the teeth. There are special toothbrushes to easily clean the space between the teeth for complete elimination of tooth decay. Remember that you cannot use dental floss because of gingival sensitivity. These toothbrushes can be a good alternative to dental floss. The leading orthodontists believe that gums also need special care because of tooth movement, so special brushes are designed to clean the gums capable of cleaning all surfaces of the mouth from bacteria.

invisible orthodontics

Important points to keep in mind

During invisible orthodontic treatment, some considerations regarding maintaining orthodontics should also be taken into account. First of all, make sure to put the orthodontics in its own box after each removal. Invisible orthodontics should be cleaned with a separate toothbrush. These orthodontists have a special container and special cleaning tablets. Put the invisible orthodontics in the container after brushing, pour some water into the container and add a tablet, and wait for about 10 to 20 min to get rid of any bacteria, and then wash the orthodontics with cold water. Brushing of invisible orthodontics removes residual food particles.

Invisible orthodontics advantages

  • Easy oral health
  • Easy use by people who need orthodontics
  • Faster achievement of the desired result
  • Learning the work method in a short course
  • Invisibility of plaques
  • Accurate, fast and easy orthodontic treatment without using any wire, elastic band and bracket

invisible orthodontics advantages

Invisible orthodontic preparation steps

  • Preparation of a cast from the patient’s mouth with materials that can be accurately impressed by the tee
  • Digitizing the cast and developing a virtual computer model
  • Removing teeth from the cast on the computer using specialized software
  • Moving the teeth to the proper place and aligning them according to the treatment plan and preparation of the final model
  • Preparing a series of models from the beginning to the end of the treatment
  • Preparing crystal plaques on the prepared models
  • Delivering plaques and providing necessary trainings to the patient


Practical tips on invisible orthodontics

As another advantage of this method, the plaques can be cleaned with lukewarm water or gentle brushing to avoid scratch and breakage of the plaques. In addition, the plaques should be removed during eating, chewing gum or smoking, because such activities may deform the plaques and disrupt their function. When the plaque is in the mouth, the patient is only allowed to drink water, and drinking other liquids is not recommended. Avoid breakage or deformation of the plaque; inform your orthodontist if this happens.

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