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Oral bacterial transmission from mother to child

oral bacterial transmission from mother to child

The mother’s oral germs may be transmitted to the baby’s mouth for whatever reason, the most common of which is using a shared spoon by mother and child. Even by the mother, kissing the baby’s lips can also transmit new oral microbes into the baby’s mouth. Some mothers mistakenly think that their mouth germs are similar to that of their babies and put the spoon they used to feed the child into their mouths.

Transmission of cariogenic germs into the mouth

The cariogenic germs of the mother’s mouth can enter the baby’s mouth and may affect their erupting teeth. This bad habit can result in premature tooth decay.

a mother who feeds her baby with a spoon

The mother’s mouth is not cleaner than the baby’s mouth. Hence, mothers should avoid putting the baby’s spoon or pacifier in their mouth to prevent pathogenic germs from entering the baby’s mouth, the most important of which are cariogenic germs. About 38% of children’s mouth infections are due to this misbehavior of mothers.

Transmission of the virus from mother to child

In addition to cariogenic germs, viruses such as the genital wart virus (HPV), which can cause throat cancer, may also exist in the mouth and be transmitted very quickly and easily from mother to child through this way.

Therefore, the baby should have a separate spoon and plate to prevent the transmission of viruses and microbes from the mother’s mouth. Kissing the lips of a child can also transmit viral and bacterial infections. About 14% of children’s oral infections are caused by kissing.

Does blowing of the child’s food transmit contamination?

According to studies, even blowing off a baby’s food can transmit an oral cavity infection. This condition becomes more critical when mothers have a cold or illness. Avoid blowing the baby’s food and let it cool down by itself.

Are oral bacteria transmitted to the fetus during pregnancy?

Yes. That is why mothers are advised to pay more attention to their oral health during pregnancy to prevent cariogenic germs transmission.

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