The Effect of Orthodontics on Smile Esthetics

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The positive effect of orthodontic treatment on the beauty of a smile has been proven, and you can make your smile attractive with this method. There are several factors that can affect the beauty of a smile, such as straight teeth. However, sometimes misaligned teeth and maxillofacial deformities may cause dissatisfaction with the beauty of a smile. Any dental and maxillofacial deformities can give you an unpleasant face, especially when smiling. Orthodontics is a proven solution for correcting dental malocclusions. The positive effects of orthodontics on the beauty of a smile can be easily observed on the face of everyone who has undergone this treatment.

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How can orthodontic treatment beautify the smile?

The effect of orthodontics on the beauty of a smile depends on different components of the face including mouth, teeth, and lips, under a set of rules. Orthodontists enjoy the orthodontics’ rules and knowledge to beautify the patients’ smiles. The arrangement of these components can determine the beauty of your smile. If you are not satisfied with your smile design, visit a skilled orthodontist to make necessary changes in your facial components and beautify your smile design. Orthodontic treatment usually performed to beautify the smile includes the followings:

  • When the upper jaw overlaps the lower jaw, the upper teeth will be slightly forward. This condition, which is called overbite, unpleasantly changes the form of lips and mouth and reduces the beauty of smile. Diagnosing the cause of overbite can help the orthodontist to choose the best treatment.
  • Another dental malocclusion that can be treated by fixed orthodontics is uneven or crooked teeth. In most cases, this is accompanied by compression.
  • Orthodontics can affect the beauty of a smile by realigning the teeth and jawbones. This realignment alone can reveal orthodontic effects on the beauty of a smile. It is noteworthy that orthodontics can be effective in patients of different ages.
  • Functional or orthopedic dental treatment is another type of orthodontics often performed in immature patients. This treatment makes some changes in jawbones in a way to correct the malocclusions and bring a pleasant smile to the patient’s face.

Are orthodontic effects on the beauty smile restricted by age?

Orthodontic treatments can positively affect the smile’s beauty in all age groups; however, the younger the client is, the greater the orthodontic effects will be. It should be noted, of course, that you can apply for orthodontics whenever you have any problem with your smile design. The best age to begin orthodontic treatments is before puberty. This is mainly due to bone formation and hardness. As you get older the bones become denser and thus, harder. The harder a bone is, the more difficult it is to do orthodontic treatments on. Moreover, the best age to visit an orthodontist for oral and maxillofacial examinations is the age of 8 years.

Smile beautification orthodontics can also rejuvenate you

Orthodontic treatment not only can improve the beauty of your smile, but also can rejuvenate your face. This treatment makes remarkable changes in your face and smile and causes your face to look younger.

The effect of orthodontics on the beauty of a smile makes your appearance attractive. You will be definitely satisfied with the therapeutic results. If you are not satisfied with the beauty of your smile, visit the best orthodontist you know and begin the orthodontic treatment.

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Dr. Jamilian, an orthodontist, has a specialized fellowship in orthodontic surgery and maxillofacial abnormalities and is a professor in the orthodontics department of the Dentistry School of the Islamic Azad University. He is member of Iranian and European Board of Orthodontics (EBO) and is a member of the Iranian, American and European Orthodontists Association.

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