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Cost of Smile Design Correction

cost of smile design correction with best orthodontic specialist

Self-confidence and happiness are what drives people forward. Without these two, a person’s life would be drastically different. In this regard, the effect of a beautiful smile should not be underestimated. The “Hollywood smile” is a type that most people seek by incurring the cost of smile design correction. With substantial developments throughout the past years, in dentistry and various methods of smile design correction, having a beautifully attractive smile is now a dream come true. For patient’s a simple, safe, and cheap technique is tooth whitening or tooth bleaching.

Features of Beautiful Smile Design

Orthodontists list a few main features of a beautiful smile. Accordingly, the most important factors in smile design correction include the neat alignment of teeth, whiteness of teeth, formation of teeth, compliance with the anatomical principles of smile design, health of gums, and health of teeth. If any of these factors goes wrong, your smile design will require correction.

Each of these factors are equally important, and If any of these factors goes wrong, your smile design will require immediate correction.

You do need to visit a competent orthodontist to address any possible problems. When your problems are detected in general, proper methods will be proposed to treat and correct each complication. Here we discuss the common treatments for smile design correction.

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Laminate-Based Smile Design Correction

When a patient’s teeth are misaligned / unaligned, the orthodontist will suggest multiple methods going forward. Orthodontics and dental laminate are the most widely used methods, but orthodontics requires a long treatment period. If you wish to solve your dental problems quickly, dental laminate will be a better option. Composites are used in this method. The composite covers are placed on teeth to conceal the nonalignment and irregularity of teeth underneath. This method is also referred by many people as the Hollywood smile.

In addition to covering any possible problems, dental laminate can make teeth look whiter. But the serious problems with dental laminate include its temporariness and, most importantly, its harm to the tooth enamel. As you know, the enamel emerges only once in a lifetime and does not regrow after it is scraped.

Orthodontics and Beautiful Smile Design

As discussed earlier, orthodontics is among the best options if the shape and alignment of teeth need adjustment and correction. A competent orthodontist can diagnose the problems with the shape of teeth such as congestion of teeth, presence of extra teeth, and wrong growth routes of teeth. After these problems are diagnosed, there are many orthodontic treatment methods, one of which can be selected with an orthodontist’s consultation.

The orthodontic treatment is more time-consuming than the dental laminate treatment, but the former is more effective and reliable than the latter. In orthodontic treatment, the problems are really taken care of. Orthodontics is also a prerequisite of dental laminate in many cases, as the unaligned teeth should first be aligned properly and then be covered. In fact, orthodontics can guarantee a beautiful smile with no complications.

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Grafting or Gum Surgery for Smile Design Correction

The gum plays a key role in making your smile more attractive. The individuals who wish to have their smile designs corrected may sometimes have many gum complications that should be dealt with. Both large and decayed gums can adversely affect the beauty of your smile. In such cases, either grafting is employed to amplify the gum tissue and cover the bottom areas of teeth or surgery is performed to remove a part of the gums. In fact, the gum should create an appropriate line at the end of your teeth to improve the beauty of your smile.

Effect of Age on Smile Design Correction with Orthodontics

The best time to start orthodontic treatments for unaligned teeth and smile design correction is before the age of maturity.

The best age to start examination for unaligned teeth and dental complications in maxilla and mandible is the age of eight. It is essential to visit an orthodontist at a younger age, but patients can benefit from orthodontic treatments whenever they need a smile design with braces.

It is important to visit an orthodontist at a young age due to higher rates of success in the correction of complications. Patients do not usually need maxillofacial surgery at younger age, but adults will need this operation for orthodontic and jaw surgery.

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Smile Design Correction with Treatment of Maxillofacial and Dental Deformities

Orthodontic treatments are performed to correct maxillofacial and dental complications. For an orthodontic treatment, it is advisable to visit the best orthodontist who can prescribe the most appropriate method for the type of deformity and a patient’s age.

A complication that deprives people of a beautiful smile design is the maxillary prognathism, not to worry as orthodontists can treat this.

Careful attention should be paid to the malformed teeth and their nonalignment in order to achieve a beautiful smile design. Maxillary and mandibular deformities are among the other complications that can be corrected in orthodontic treatments. But these deformities can now be treated practically by orthodontists, and people of different ages can get orthodontic treatments to have smile designs.

Cost of Hollywood Smile Design Correction

You should visit an experienced reputable orthodontist to decide on the smile design correction. Cosmetic dentistry is sometimes a totally optional procedure. In other words, there is no medical mandate, so most insurances do not cover the costs of smile design correction or any cosmetic dentistry procedures. The next section addresses the factors affecting the costs of these cosmetic procedures.

Cost of Orthodontics

The cost of orthodontics depends on the type of maxillofacial deformity, severity of deformity, treatment period, dental slope, maxillofacial status, facial profile, dental congestion, and radiography. For instance, a patient may need a removable orthodontic appliance for orthodontic and jaw surgery in addition to a fixed orthodontic appliance for teeth alignment. In such cases, patients have to incur further costs because two different appliances are needed, so the treatment period will definitely be longer.

As mentioned previously, the accurate estimation of cost depends on the type of maxillofacial surgery and some relevant factors. At the same time, inflation and high costs of dental equipment as well as orthodontic material may increase the cost of treatment. An orthodontist’s specialty and experience as well as the quality of orthodontic materials can also account for the total cost of orthodontics for smile design correction.

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Advantages of Smile Design Correction

No matter the cost of smile design correction, it would be considered negligible compared with the substantial changes in a patient’s life and numerous advantages in healthy and aesthetic aspects.

The hygienic advantages of this process include the reduced decay or overfilling of the teeth and easiness to clean the teeth. Undoubtedly, the teeth that have been aligned, recovered, or treated with orthodontics are less vulnerable to decay and infection. The smile design correction can help patients improve self-love and self-confidence by giving them their beauty and youth back. It can also enhance the body posture. Treating major dental problems will help patients maintain oral hygiene and lead to dental aesthetics and facial beauty.

Additionally, other than the immediate effect on beauty, smile design correction also brings many long-term advantages to a patient’s general health. After treatment, most of the patients smile confidently in both social and work-related situations. This decreases the chance to experience stress, anxiety, and depression.

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Cost of Smile Design Correction FAQ

1-Is the Smile Design Correction Expensive?

The cost of smile design correction depends on different factors such as the severity of maxillofacial deformity, type of maxillofacial deformity, treatment period, dental slope, maxillofacial status, facial profile, congestion of teeth, radiography status, and referral time. The cost will not be high if you get your smile design with bleaching or a simple tooth recovery, but the cost of smile design correction will be high in severe types of maxillofacial deformities.

2-Is the Smile Design Correction More Expensive with Orthodontics or Composite Veneer?

The appearance of your teeth might be corrected with composite veneer on one or two teeth. In this case, the cost of smile design correction with composite veneer will be lower than that of braces. But this is not cost-effective because patients will experience maxillofacial and dental complications after a few years due to the nonstandard correction of deformities. The noises of maxillofacial and temporal joints and dental abrasion are among the complications caused by the nonstandard smile design correction in one session.

3-Is the Smile Design Correction More Expensive with Implant or Dental Veneer?

The cost of smile design correction is higher with an implant than with dental veneer. You should know that dentists do not extract a tooth as long as its root is healthy and treatable. In this case, an implant replaces the previous tooth.

4-Do Insurances Cover the Expenses of Smile Design Correction?

Usually, insurances such as the Social Security Organization of Iran cover the costs of extracting teeth or filling teeth with amalgam at their dental clinics. Different supplementary insurance contracts offer different conditions for covering the cost of smile design correction. For instance, some of the insurance companies that have contracts with Dr. Jamilian’s clinic cover the cost of smile design correction with braces. For further information on the insurance companies having contracts with Dr. Jamilian’s clinic, please visit the cost of orthodontics.

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