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Tooth discoloration

tooth discoloration

The teeth can be discolored due to the lack of proper oral hygiene, trauma, or staining compounds. Inheritance and genetics also play a role in tooth discoloration. However, observing some simple tips and following a proper diet can help prevent tooth discoloration, thereby preventing additional costs and oral diseases.

Symptoms of tooth discoloration

Tooth discoloration includes enamel stains such as white streaks, yellow shadows, or light to dark brown stains. One can notice yellow stains on the teeth when the enamel is abraded, or the crown is visible.

tooth discoloration

Diagnosis of tooth discoloration

No test is needed to diagnose tooth discoloration, and a dentist can easily observe and recognize discoloration.

Treatment duration

Some types of tooth discoloration, such as coffee stains, can be vanished by professional cleaning. However, most stains are permanent. Sometimes discoloration can disappear with whitening gels, and sometimes severe discolorations require a veneer or implant.

Prevention of tooth discoloration

Brushing after each meal helps prevent some stains. According to dentists, there is an easy method to sometimes prevent intrinsic stains. Here’s how is goes: wash your mouth with water after drinking alcohol, coffee, or other colored drinks or foods. this (in some scenarios) prevents Intrinsic stains caused by damage to a nerve or blood vessel. You may require root canal treatment to eliminate the decayed tooth pulp.

To prevent intrinsic stains in children, avoid overuse of fluoride. After the formation of enamel, fluoride cannot discolor the teeth.

Treatment of tooth discoloration

Most external stains due to foods and drinks can vanish through regular professional cleaning and home measures, including brushing, flossing, and washing after each meal. Whitening agents can often remove tooth enamel stains. In this method, the dentist uses a whitening gel which results in significant brightening of the tooth in 30-45 minutes; this method is called office bleaching. Discoloration can be resolved at home as well through a method known as home bleaching. The orthodontist gives you a whitening gel and mouth guard to be used at home. The home bleaching method takes longer , usually between 2 to 4 weeks.

The tooth whitening products can also be purchased from pharmacies. These products have a lower whitening effect than those used in the office by dentists, orthodontists, or restorative specialists. The whitening agents are in the form of gels or tapes. The safety of pharmacy products is less than those used by dentists.

tooth stain and discoloration treatment

Whitening toothpaste may remove minor stains and cannot affect your teeth color. Whitening has no effect on the discoloration of teeth undergoing root canal treatment. However, the dentist may use a whitening agent within the tooth or use a laminate or veneer to cover the tooth. On the other hand, whitening agents cannot remove some stains for example some that are caused by tetracycline. In these cases, the dentists or the restorative specialist can resolve the problem with laminate or veneer. This method can be used for cracked or damaged teeth as well. Laminate is a thin ceramic layer that covers the external surface of the teeth. The tooth can also be covered with a tooth-colored composite.

Time to visit the dentist

Home remedies for tooth discoloration and stains are recommended for only one week, or the dentist may suggest home bleaching. Then visit the dentist for the necessary measures. The dentist should check any teeth discoloration in children.

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