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The Effect of Orthodontics on Improving Mental Health

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The effects of dental beauty on mental health is an interesting subject which has been a growing topic within recent years. It would be interesting to know that this effect is mutual; in other words, how mental health affects physical health including teeth health, the health and beauty of teeth. According to the conducted studies, more than half of people who have mood disorders suffer from dental abnormalities. Moreover, doctors recommend that people with depression and stress need to care about their teeth regularly.

Orthodontics is a branch of dentistry, which improves the status of teeth and jaws and helps us to have more aligned jaws and teeth. What is interesting is that orthodontics not only guarantees hygiene and beauty of teeth, it always is accompanied with many positive effects on a patient’s psyche and spirit. Here, we will discuss the effects of dental beauty on mental health.

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Psychological Problems and Their Relation with the Dental Orthodontics

Self-confidence is an important issue which has a direct relationship with the dental beauties. As you may know the effect of orthodontics on improving self-confidence is undeniable and always those people who use this technique for having neat and beautiful teeth, will find a very great spirit at the end of their orthodontic treatment process. Having neat teeth and a beautiful smile not only enhances your self-confidence, but also will improve your self-esteem. Another issue which is affected by orthodontics and dental beauty is the patient’s behavior. It means that patients after completing the orthodontic process will find a better feeling about themselves, which guides them towards autonomy. Different studies have shown that orthodontics improves the mental health of patients. Here, we will discuss the role of orthodontics and its impact on patients’ mental health.

The Effects of Dental Beauty on Depression Treatment

 Before dealing with the impacts of dental beauty on depression treatment, it is emphasized that orthodontics cannot replace the effective and prescribed treatments for depression. In general, it helps patients to cope with their negative feelings during the day. According to psychologists, when patients feel that they have lost control of everything, their depression gets exacerbated.

Most patients with misaligned teeth may be annoyed by their friends and relatives because of their facial problems. It is obvious that it would result in depression in patients. One of the effects of dental aesthetics in the treatment of depression is related to orthodontics. When you have neat and healthy teeth, your self-confidence will be enhanced and you will feel more content about yourself.

The Effect of Orthodontics on Self-Esteem

In general, misaligned and irregular teeth decrease self-confidence and self-esteem in people. In such cases, orthodontics can be very useful for patients. The changes caused by orthodontics would not be limited to only jaw and teeth, as it can change the form of lips and nose. Especially when people suffer from malocclusion abnormalities of different sorts of bites, which can bring about the most range of changes in the form of lips and nose. In some cases, those who have droopy noses can use orthodontic treatment to drag their nose tip upwards. As a result, orthodontics helps people to release themselves from concerns about their facial problems and to find a better feeling about their appearance. Which in return helps them to enhance their self-esteem. Also, having neat teeth would help patients to make relationships with others in an easier way. After orthodontics, people are not afraid to speak for others, but with reinforced self-confidence they can speak for so many people.

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The Relationship between orthodontics and stress reduction

Various studies have shown that physical deformity is a main cause of stress and concern in patients. The misaligned teeth are one of such deformities, and since they occur in the facial area and can be seen by others, they play an important role in bringing about concern and stress in patients. Fortunately, aligning teeth will eliminate such concerns and will help patients to feel more content and relaxation. However, in some cases, for different reasons, people neglect restoration of their misaligned teeth and start orthodontic treatment, which in turn will increase their stress and decrease their self-confidence.

The Effect of Orthodontics on Mental Health FAQ

Do healthy and neat teeth influence the people’s mental health?

Yes, there is a direct relationship between oral, dental and mental health. In other words, misaligned teeth, abnormalities of lips, nose as well as various types of diseases and inflammation of the gums and also bad breath bring about a condition in which patients feel dissatisfied and lack self-confidence. It brings about depression and reduces mental health.

Can orthodontics reduce anxiety?

Yes, misaligned teeth or malformations of the jaw and teeth cause an unpleasant feeling in people which in turn would increase anxiety. Orthodontics treatment and having neat and aligned teeth will increase people’s self-confidence. In this case, people feel content and their anxiety will be reduced, automatically.

Do misaligned teeth cause mental problems?

Yes, the misalignment of the teeth will undermine the sense of self-confidence in people and because of the unpleasant feeling people would find in themselves because of their appearance, they avoid gatherings or talking to others. As a result, they will be secluded and alone people. This condition paves the way for the development of further mental and psychological problems.

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