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orthodontics cost

Like other dental services, the cost of orthodontics varies depending on the patient’s case, age, type and time of treatment, and the skill and expertise of the orthodontist. Therefore, consulting a dentist and choosing the most appropriate treatment and avoiding unprofessional care will greatly reduce the cost of orthodontics and save your time.

Most patients in need of orthodontics are concerned about a consultation appointment with an orthodontist. Part of this concern arises from unawareness of the cost of orthodontics. Before starting orthodontic treatment, patients usually want to know the cost of orthodontics.

Many factors will affect the cost of orthodontics including type and severity of disorder, treatment type and duration, patient age, appliances used  such as removable, fixed, extraoral and intraoral appliances, Demon orthodontics, tooth-colored brackets orthodontics, invisible orthodontics or Invisalign, lingual orthodontics, orthodontic surgery and the use of miniscrew and miniplate.

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For example, correction of malformations with removable dental plaques in some patients will reduce the cost of orthodontics. Some patients, however, require fixed orthodontics, which are fixed in the mouth after permanent tooth eruption. Another group of patients require removable orthodontics and then fixed orthodontics. Some patients require surgical treatment and some need miniscrews. Therefore, orthodontics is unique to each individual, and many variables affect the final cost. The patients are informed of cost of orthodontics in the first free visit.

Calculation of orthodontics cost

Since the cost of orthodontics cannot be calculated by phone or online, the patient is informed of orthodontics tariff estimated in the first visit by Dr. Abdolreza Jamilian. The first visit is free. Part of the cost of orthodontics is prepaid and the remaining is paid monthly in installments during the treatment to fit the expenses to your budget.

Factors affecting the cost of orthodontics

The cost of orthodontics cannot be estimated without consultation at the first visit. Therefore, the cost of treatment varies according to the type of problem, the need for surgery or tooth extraction, as well as the oral health status of each patient. As early as this visit takes place, i.e. during the childhood when the teeth grow, the length of treatment and the cost of orthodontics will be reduced.

The cost of orthodontics can also varies depending on the extent of problem; for example, a tooth may require extraction or surgery before applying brackets or wires or appliances may be retained in the mouth for several months. Therefore, the cost will vary depending on the amount of effort made during orthodontics.

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Cost of orthodontic surgery

Malformations cannot be treated through orthodontics alone in some patients. This group of patients needs orthodontic surgery, which will naturally be more expensive due to surgery and severity of the problem. Some patients require extraoral appliances and some need miniscrews. The orthodontic appliances used for patients vary depending on the type of malformation. On the other hand, the duration of orthodontic treatment varies according to the patient age, malformation severity, and hereditary background of malformations.

If the patient tends to use transparent (ceramic or composite) brackets, the total cost of treatment increases due to the high cost of such brackets. The patient is informed of the cost of orthodontics based on the appliances used and the type of malformation in the first free session, and the payment terms are agreed. Part of the cost is prepaid and the rest is paid during treatment in installments. Patients requiring orthodontics and mandibular surgery are informed of the cost of orthodontics, and the cost of surgery performed by the maxillofacial surgeon is independent of the orthodontics cost.

Dr Jamilians Orthodontic Office Contract Party Insurances

Some insurance companies cover all or part of the treatment. Contact the office for more information.

The cost of orthodontics with the following insurances is accepted in Dr. Jamilian’s office:

  • Mellat Bank
  • Sepah Bank
  • Tejarat Bank
  • Keshavarzi Bank
  • Markazi Bank
  • Aspa Insurance
  • Asia Insurance
  • Novin insurance
  • Iran Insurance
  • Moallem Insurance
  • Parsian Insurance
  • Shahrdari Insurance
  • Mokhaberat
  • Sandogh Bazneshastegi Ayandesaz
  • SOS Komakresan Iran
  • Saanat Madan Bank
  • Maskan Bank

The orthodontics costs with supplemental insurance

To enjoy medical services from a prestigious private medical center, patients should make a contract with a supplemental insurance company. As you know, the Social Security Insurance and the Health Services Insurance provide medical services in only their centers, and the payment will be very small for services provided in other centers. When you intend to use orthodontic supplemental insurance services, please ask the supplemental insurance company about orthodontic costs before concluding a contract, because different supplemental insurances may have different conditions for repaying of orthodontic treatment.

The orthodontics costs with the Social Security Insurance

The Social Security Insurance covers the majority of population and hence people often inquire about the costs of orthodontics in this organization. The Social Security Insurance usually observes variable rules in this regard, and hence for enjoying the services of the Social Security Insurance, you can attend its dedicated medical centers and hospitals.

The orthodontics costs with the Armed Forces Insurance

The costs of orthodontics with the Armed Forces Insurance are usually paid in military hospitals. This insurance company has no contract with private offices. If an army-certified orthodontist discerns that orthodontics has a treatment reason to correct the jaw malformations, the Armed Forces Insurance will pay a part of the costs of orthodontics performed in a military hospital.

The orthodontics Costs with the School of Dentistry and the Shahid Beheshti University

In the Shahid Beheshti University and faculties, the orthodontic treatment is performed by the dentistry students; therefore, the orthodontic costs are lower than that of private clinics and offices. As a result, lower costs can be mentioned as an advantage of orthodontics in the dentistry faculty.

Cost of invisible orthodontics

The cost of invisible orthodontics depends on many factors such as the number of invisible plaques given to the patient, the need for tooth extraction and jaw surgery, type of problem (teeth or jaw), as well as dental inclination, jaw status, patient profile, tooth crowding and radiographic status. Therefore, you are advised to schedule an appointment to determine the cost. The examination is free.

Dr. Jamilian’s office, with its experienced staff and modern dental equipment, will provide you with the best treatment at the most appropriate orthodontic cost. As a golden investment in the beauty of your smile and face, dental orthodontics worth the cost; and you will save money on your dental care in long-term by spending on dental orthodontics.

Thanks to specialized courses in dental orthodontics, years of experience and up-to-date knowledge in dental orthodontics, Dr. Jamilian provides specialized advice, carefully examines your dental health and offers the best and most cost-effective treatment options to increase your level of satisfaction.

Due to the impact of teeth on the person’s face, especially when smiling and laughing, as well as the long duration of orthodontic treatment, the cost of orthodontics announced by dentists is affordable for many people, especially given the installment payment.

Dental orthodontics is a reliable method for treating irregularities and dental and maxillofacial problems by fixed and removable orthodontics.

orthodontics cost factors

Removable orthodontic cost

Removable orthodontics is usually used to correct minor common problems of teeth irregularities and comes to a conclusion in a short time. The best treatment and cost are determined after examination of the patient by the orthodontist. The cost of orthodontics usually varies for different patients due to the use of different treatments. The specialized services provided in removable orthodontics which costs can be calculated after treatment includes:

  • Specialist consultation, radiography and casting
  • All necessary appliances for removable orthodontics
  • Various sessions for brace adjusting
  • Emergency visits
  • Possible broken brace repair
  • Specialized laboratory work
  • Monitoring results for 12 months

Fixed orthodontic cost

Fixed orthodontics or metal braces are the most common and most complete type of orthodontics which are more expensive and used for more critical dental problems. Factors affecting the cost of fixed orthodontics include:

Type of materials used

The cost of materials used in fixed orthodontics depends on the materials used in the treatment. In other words, the cost increases with increasing the quality of materials used.

(The cost of orthodontics cannot be provided without consultation at the first visit. Therefore, the treatment cost varies depending on the type of problem, the need for tooth extraction and oral health. As early as the first visit, i.e. during childhood and the dental growth, the cost of orthodontics will reduce. The first visit and estimation of the cost of orthodontics are performed free of charge in Dr. Jamilian’s office.)

Patient age

Patient age is also an important factor in determining the cost of fixed orthodontics. The cost of treatment is lower in younger patients due to better dental conditions and higher treatment speed.

Oral diseases

Patients with oral diseases should be treated before fixed orthodontics; this includes separate costs.

Treatment duration

The costs and likelihood of retreatment decrease with decreasing treatment duration.

Payment of orthodontics cost to Dr. Jamilian in cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency is a new way of money transfer in recent years. Many companies and organizations around the world use this method to speed up their currency transfer and for ease of their clients. This method can be used only through applications installed on users’ devices.

pay orthodontics fee by counos coins

For the convenience of patients and clients, the orthodontics cost can be paid through cryptocurrency in Dr. Jamilian’s office. With the relevant application and the following code, customers can easily pay their orthodontic costs.

pay orthodontics fee with counos coin


Frequently Asked Questions about Orthodontics Fees

1-How is the insurance coverage for orthodontic treatment?

Some of the insurances cover the costs of orthodontics fully or partly. Please contact the clinic for more information. Your health insurance agents can also provide helpful information in this regard based on the insurance policy.

2-Is it possible to pay the fees of orthodontics in instalments?

Yes, the patient can pay a part of the costs in the first orthodontic treatment session and the rest in instalments in the course of the following sessions.

3-Is the fee for orthodontic treatment of one improperly positioned tooth different from all teeth?

The important issue is the reason that has caused one tooth to be improperly positioned. The orthodontist will specify the treatment method and the time period required for orthodontic treatment after diagnosing the cause of disorder. Therefore, it could not be said that necessarily the orthodontics fee for a patient with one improperly positioned tooth will be less than a patient with abnormal alignment of all teeth.

4-Is the fee for rapid orthodontics less than long-term orthodontics?

It should be noted that there is no rapid orthodontics and some patients mistakenly refer to tooth restoration methods as rapid orthodontics. Sometimes the costs of restorative dentistry are more than orthodontics. However, if the disorders of jaw and teeth are not resolved fundamentally, the dental restoration will not be durable enough. As the teeth or jaws are not aligned in the standard position, they will be worn and damaged quickly.

5-How is the fee for orthodontics determined in 2020?

Like before, the fee for orthodontics is determined based on the duration of treatment and the type of disorder, the intensity of jaw disorder, removable or fixed apparatus, the need for jaw surgery, the need for tooth extraction, the need for using mini-screw implants, etc. The rate of orthodontics is different for each one of the disorders of teeth and jaw. Therefore, visiting orthodontist in person is inevitable to determine the precise fee for orthodontics. The patient will be informed of all the treatment costs at the examination session, which is free.

6-Is aligner orthodontics more expensive than fixed orthodontics?

Certainly the fee for aligner orthodontics is more than fixed orthodontics. Usually the patient needs more appliances and clear aligners. However, fixed orthodontics is placed on teeth one time and the orthodontist makes the required changes on it in the course of the following sessions.

7-How different is the fee for one jaw and two jaws orthodontics?

The fee for two jaws orthodontics is often higher than one jaw. In most cases both jaws require treatment in order to be adjusted.

8-How is the fee for orthodontics with laser determined?

Application of innovations and new technologies such as laser is effective in facilitating the process of orthodontic treatment. Hence, modern and up-to-date orthodontists do not charge extra for using these devices. What matters the most for a professional orthodontist is achieving the best result with the least cost and in the shortest period of time.

9-How can we prevent extra costs for orthodontics during treatment period?

One of the reasons for extra costs during orthodontic treatment period is breaking of brackets. Therefore, this could be prevented simply by protecting the brackets and avoiding hard foods.

10-Why does the treatment cost more when there are more dental disorders?

Enlarging the jaws and repositioning them are among difficult treatments. Sometimes a tooth may need to be extracted to relieve crowding or some patients may need jaw surgery.  Tooth extraction or surgery make the treatment difficult. Overall, the more intense the disorders, the higher the costs for orthodontics will be.

11-Why is the fee for orthodontic treatment higher in adults than children?

Orthodontic treatment in children is much easier than in adults. The treatment period in adults is longer than in children. This is because teeth have stopped growing in adults and as a result more time is required for treatment.

12-Does the type of brackets affect the fee for orthodontics?

Yes, metal brackets cost less than ceramic brackets which are of the same color as teeth. Damon brackets are much more expensive than standard ones.

13-Why is orthodontics with lingual brackets more expensive?

Because these brackets are made exclusively for each patient and are hidden behind teeth. Making and placing these brackets are more costly than other ones.

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