Abdolreza Jamilian D.D.S, MSc, Fellow of OMFS, European Board of orthodontics EBO, Professor of Islamic Azad university in Tehran IRAN

Professor Abdolreza Jamilian is a researcher and specialist in field of Orthodontics. He  received his D.D.S (1991), MSc in Orthodontics (1998), and Fellowship of Orthognathic Surgery & Craniofacial Syndroms (2010) from the Shahid Beheshti University in Tehran, Iran.  He obtained his European Board of Orthodontics in 2013. Now he is professor of Islamic Azad University in Tehran. His practice is limited to orthodontics. He has lectured in several international congresses and has been a consultant for various journals. He has published over 200 original, peer reviewed research and review articles, 15 book chapters and more than 300 scientific communications.

He holds 3 patents in United States Patent and Trademark Office as following:

USPTO: Jamilian A, Showkatbakhsh A, Method and System for Treatment of Maxillary Deficiency Using Miniscrews. US 8,414, 291 B 1. Apr, 9, 2013.

USPTO: Showkatbakhsh A, Jamilian A, Tongue Plate, USD742525 S1, Nov 3, 2015

USPTO: Showkatbakhsh A, Jamilian A, R-Appliance, USD777929 S, Jan 31, 2017

Research interests: (1) Class 3 malocclusion (2) Cleft lip and palate (3) Orthognathic surgery. You can reach him through info@jamilian.net

Also you could find him on https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Abdolreza_Jamilian

His Associate Editor are as below:

  • Associate Editor of Stomatology Edu Journal. ( http://stomaedu.com/editorial-board/ )
  • Editor of journal of research in dental and maxillofacial sciences ( http://www.jrdms.ir/page.php?slct_pg_id=13&sid=1&slc_lang=en )
  • Editor of Edorium Journal of Dentistry ( http://www.edoriumjournalofdentistry.com/editorial-board.php )

In addition you could find a list of his honors in below files:

Orthodontic books

Articles in Foreign Magazines 

Articles in Foreign Congress